Report: GirlsLove2Travel Pride Boat 2015


Yoooo, I was the GirlsLove2Travel Pride Boat 2015.


Although you don’t really need to read it because nobody made out with each other! I mean, really now.

As I said on Twitter, total BUST.

(Kidding. It was epic. But come on. Next year I wanna see sloppy drunk bloggers French each other or I’m throwing a tantrum.)


Morning. Another glorious I-woke-up-like-this-picture.

I spent the night before writing my Castlefest report and spent 45 minutes trying to get all the pictures aligned. WordPress was being a bitch.


Yoghurt with raspberries, granola and a cup of fresh Earl Grey for breakfast.


Marieke was our designated driver and praise be to her and her little car. Lin is probably checking Instagram.


This is me adhering to the mint&coral dresscode. This Spirit of Mo legging IS mint – somewhere- and I’m wearing a coral shirt I borrowed from Lisa under my white t-shirt.

Because I’m a rebel. Or because I am a little bitch who can’t part from her favorite white tee.



The necessary accessories are placed upon us in the GirlsLove2Travel office. Wristband says “You’re Weird. We Like You.” and it grants us access to the GirlsLove2Travel party-boat in the parade.


As spoken by many a gay man this particular day: Oh yes, oh yes, there it comes.


Lin with the GirlsLove2Travel pride flag!

The boat was beautifully decorated, and there was fresh fruit, water and soda on board. As well as…


There was pink prosecco.

120 bottles of pink prosecco.

I’m just gonna let that sink in.

Also like to point out that it is a goddamn miracle nobody went overboard (at least not by accident…).














IMG_9030 IMG_8860

After waiting around for what felt like an eternity, our captain navigated us into the parade and what then ensued can only be described as one of THE most epic parties I have ever been lucky enough to witness and be a part of.

Ho-ly shit, Amsterdam, Pride and GirlsLove2Travel.

Ho-ly shit.

  • I knew just enough of some of the bloggers to be sociable*, so I caught up with fave Annemerel, asked Daisy from I Love Health about her upcoming book, complimented Debby from SFFTE on her GORGEOUS Instagram feed. Plus I made a bunch of them pose for pictures like Jenny from Healthyfans, Jessica from Eat Run Love and Claartje from My Foodness (who I’d never met and who is the CUTEST).
  • Oh, and I met Fieke, Manon and Vi from Girls Love 2 Travel for the first time**, as well as Floor whose Instagram and website I am mildly obsessed with, despite the fact I don’t even live in Amsterdam.
  • I introduced myself to Jelmer de Boer, because I LOVE his YouTube videos. He comes across as dry sarcastic asshole and I’m into it. I did not talk to him at all (just said I loved his videos and then I was like “okay enough this is embarrassing abort mission.”), later just asked for a picture.
  • Speaking of, He POUTS in that picture! What is that about?! Is he sad? Does he feel embarrassed for me and the thousands of other fangirls?
  • Eh, I don’t blame him.
  • Francien from Girls Love 2 Run (as I know and love her) jumped into the Canals because WHY NOT.
  • Danced my face off with Lin, and particularly enjoyed the amazing flashmob dance on Sissy That Walk by RuPaul, led by fabulous MC and dancer Ashkan.
  • Got squirted in the face with a water gun by a gorgeous gay man – so no complaints there.

Amsterdam was SO beautiful, the atmosphere was so great and I had such a blast dancing with Lin.


Honesty bids me to say I would have been WILDLY uncomfortable without Lin there. Just throwing that out there.

Didn’t mean I had to be attached to her like a barnacle, but it’s nice to have someone you know there.


After the canal parade we went back to the dock – Lin and I sat down for a second on the more quiet upper deck while the party was still going full-throttle in the front.


With designated driver Marieke back in the car, while Lin is taking a nap. I’m so jealous, that one can sleep anytime and anywhere.



(Pictures by Steef Fleur)

Girls Love 2 Travel organised an amazing event, basically. The girlslove2travel pride boat 2015 was nothing short of amazing and all the praise for these three girls. Who got us in the FUCKING PRIDE PARADE.

Very cool to be a part of. Hoping to see this happen again next year!

*One thing I’ve learnt from occasionally hanging out in these circles is to never assume that they know who you are and not taking it personal when they don’t.

There are so many people on the Internet, so many blogs and things to write about: I don’t know everyone and neither do they. It’s perfectly fine if I am not on someone’s radar. I just introduce myself, make a joke about what I do and change the subject back to the other person. 

**By the way, this is NOT name dropping and I do not expect you to be impressed by the fact I exchanged pleasantries with people. This is me trying to remember/make sense of everyone and everything. Annemieke notified me I had already messed up with Claartje (My Foodness) and Sabine (Oh My Foodness): met ’em both, got it mixed up. 


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    1. Jaaa oh me god, en ligt helemaal aan mezelf hoor want het zijn allemaal leuke mensen: Het is gewoon heel fijn om een partner-in-crime te hebben dan!

  1. “I did not talk to him at all (just said I loved his videos and then I was like “okay enough this is embarrassing abort mission.”)”
    –> me @ Buiten Westen hahahaha.

    Leuke foto’s!

  2. Dit report is <3 Wat een fan-tas-tische foto's. Meegenieten zo.
    Een dingetje wat me opviel: het is Claartje van en Sabine van Oh My 🙂