Self Help Book Parade: #GIRLBOSS Book Review

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I saw the term #GIRLBOSS floating around on the Internet and loved it. Turns out, it was a book! And so I reviewed it!

Read on for the #GIRLBOSS book review.

DISCOVERY: I saw the term online and then discovered #GIRLBOSS was not just a cute hashtag.

It’s written by Sophia Amoruso, who I had never heard of IN my life. She is the founder and owner of a big online clothing store called Nasty Gal. Which I never heard of in my life either.

You can find the book here on* for 18,99, where somehow the paperback is more expensive than the hardcover. Huh. Go figure. You could also get it for 15,33 (also hardcover) on the Book Depository or on for 16,17 USD.

I got mine in the iTunes store for 11,99 because I am impatient and if I buy more ‘real’  books Will is going to have a mental breakdown.

SUBJECT: It’s the story of Sophia founded Nasty Gal and it contains all the lessons she learned along the way: how she did it and how she continues to do it. The story is good and the lessons are even better. Throughout the book Sophia shows you how SHE is a #GIRLBOSS, and inspires and encourages you to be one too.

It also contains ‘Portraits of #GIRLBOSSES’ that were also ALL people that I had never heard of in my life. But they give pretty good advice.

KOOKINESS (1-10): 2, because there is only one chapter about magical thinking. No worries though, it’s mostly trying to be positive and proactive, and setting goals and intentions.

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 (The artwork in the book is made by Jo Ratcliffe and I am obsessed with it)


  • “The energy you’ll expend focusing on someone else’s life is better spent working on your own. Just be your own idol.”
  • [on enjoying material things] “Living a comfortable life can allow you the psychic space needed to focus on other, often bigger things and when you treat your possessions as emblems of your hard work, they inherit a meaning that transcends the objects themselves.”
  • “#GIRLBOSS, when your time spent making money is significantly greater than your time spent spending money, you will be amazed at how much you can save without even really thinking about it.”
  • “Each time you make a good decision or do something nice or take care of yourself; each time ou show up to work and work hard and do your best at everything you can do, you’re planting seeds for  life that you can only hope will grow beyond your wildest dreams.”
  • “If you approach everything in your life with a certain degree of intention, you can affect the outcome. At the absolute minimum, you will affect how you feel about the outcome, and that is ultimately what matters most.”
  • “I don’t want to spent time thinking about things that I don’t want to have a place in my life.”
  • “How to get free marketing? That’s simple. Just do a good job.”

STAMP OF APPROVAL? Yes. It’s an easy read (finished it in a day) and it’s very inspiring. It’s similar to ‘if you have to cry, go outside’ by Kelly Cutrone. What I love about Sophia is that you can not only tell that she really knows herself, her strengths and weaknesses, but also that she is one no-nonsense damn hard worker. I love people like that.


  • You want to be a GIRLBOSS. Obviously.
  • You are interested in Nasty Gal and how this online clothing store first started out.
  • You want some interesting life lessons from a young and successful woman.
  • You liked Kelly Cutrone’s book(s).

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I think it is a great read.

And her opening quote is one I am definitely going to keep in mind: “Life is short. Don’t be lazy.” 

*If you buy the book through the link I get like a commission. For a book of 18,99 that’s about 90 cents. If you have a problem with that, use other online book stores or delete your cookies.  

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  1. Lijkt me een heel interessant, maar ook leuk boek. Ik ben zelf eigenlijk alles behalve een #girlboss, maar wil het wel graag zijn. Zoveel reads op mijn lijstje….ik kom er nooit doorheen! (godzijdank is de zomervakantie in zicht)

    1. Merel, ik zie jou juist heel erg als een #girlboss, zeker sinds je post “goed voor jezelf zorgen”! Je hebt een geweldige blog opgezet en helpt beetje bij beetje de wereld verbeteren, en durft daarbij ook de moeilijke kanten te laten zien. Daarmee inspireer je mij en heel veel anderen!