Girl Meets Thailand: Bangkok Sneak Peek.


Oh, Thailand.

You smell like ass, but you’re gorgeous and you can cook. If you were a guy, this would be the most confusing dating experience of my life.


The exact amount of preparation for our month in Thailand was booking a hotel in Bangkok 3 days before our flight and buying a Lonely Planet at the airport. No fucks given.


After a 13-hour flight, nothing beats a big hotel bed with fresh sheets. That first 4-hour nap held me over for a couple of sleepless nights. Fucking jetlag.


We started our time in Bangkok by visiting some temples. Those big Buddhas never cease to amaze me.


Wunderbar, the bar across from our hotel had this lovely smoothie with coconut, lemon and pineapple. So good.


We had dinner at Rooftop Bar Nest the night before, which was my favorite because of the name and the really cool decor, but we also wanted to have a drink at the Vertigo Moonbar. Although the height slightly terrified us, the view here was beautiful.


BY THE WAY, it’s rain season in Thailand. Which is actually really nice.

I have already been a bunch more places and did a bunch of stuff. Things like hiking to a waterfall, doing a meditation class, getting massages that made me see God OR made me super uncomfortable, going to Bikram classes in high class resorts, being green from sea sickness, having panic attacks underwater while diving and fighting off Thai prostitutes who were harassing my boyfriend.

It’s been an interesting two weeks. I’ll tell you all about when I have more time and a better Internet connection. There are coconuts to be eaten and boats to be taken to back-to-basic resorts on islands. No wifi. Gulp. Ok bye!

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  1. Hi Lianne 🙂 I just thought I’d stop by and let you know that I mentioned you and your blog in one of my posts. In fact, your post on why you wear chanel make-up (quite a while ago) really inspired me to write about my reasons to wear expensive make-up from time to time. I hope you are happy to hear this! 🙂
    I put my webside in the url section of the comment box but just in case, here is the link to the post I’ve just written:

    I like youe blog a lot and especially your way of writing! Your photos from Thailand look really cool and I hope that I can travel to this country one day as well!


  2. The nest bar is of my favorite places in Bangkok! A great place to chill with friends with a drink or two and take photos. It’s very breezy and has great view of the river. For me, It’s like a hidden gem for sunset drink.

  3. You can do so much stuff in Bangkok! I think two weeks is not enough to fully explore the city and know the culture. But just by looking at your photos it seems like you really had fun while you were here. 🙂 Anyways, do you have any plans on coming back again? 🙂