Girl Does Yoga: Practice Makes Practice

The Exercise Every Day Challenge has been great great for my yoga practice in two different ways.

One, I did a lot of yoga classes in August and September. Consistently. Which is good. Second, I do a lot of little yoga sequences at home, which makes me do different postures. Which is good.

It’s also made me think a little further on what I want from yoga. But for that to work, I need to tell you about Afton.

Afton is a girl Benjamin Lorr writes about in Hell Bent:

Finally there is Afton, the punk rock pixie, a group all her own. Afton is already proving to be one of my favorite humans ever for no other reason than she seems so normal. She executes her flawless postures, rips through Esak’s additional work, and then disappears with non-yogic friends, who have driven into town to visit her. All while I’m still scraping myself off the studio carpet. No alter ego ever hid their superpower better.”

I like this. I’d like to be my own little version of Afton. Girl does yoga, nothing more, nothing less.

Do the yoga, to the best of my ability, with all the love and determination I can muster…and then go be awesome in the real world.

So. Can I do this, please?

Do yoga and live life? Doesn’t even have to look good; just has to feel good. Do yoga, then move onto my normal days of coffee, work and seeing friends, or my regular nights, with dinner and wine and maybe going out dancing. But like, better. Because of the yoga I did.

I just want to practice yoga for a while. Not to be better at yoga, but to be better at life. 

Use my focus to be better at work, my chill to be better with people, my increased energy to do more dope shit. And because it helps with running.

I prefer Bikram Yoga over anything else, yoga or otherwise, but for now I don’t need it as a goal in itself. I want it to do what yoga does: More energy, more focus, more chill.

Let’s try that for a while.

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