FoodWeLove Box De Groene Meisjes: Unbahxing!

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Oh, FoodWeLove. You have been a wonderful addition to the packages my neigbhors are bothered with babysitting in my absence.

In January, I ordered Culy’s Food We Love box. I’m dead serious when I say the salted caramel and truffle mayonnaise is delicious on a whole new damn level.

Also, big fan of De Groene Meisjes. Their positive and open-minded approach does more good for the vegan movement than the hundreds of socks-in-sandals extremists.

It were Merel and Jamie who inspired me to do the vegan challenge to begin with. Merel is a total sweetheart and took me to lunch to Arq last Friday, showing me the world of vegan comfort food.

And let me tell you, having a Vegan On Speed Dial* has proven to be super helpful.

And now, having a Groene Meisjes Vegan Food We Love Box to help me? Even better this month.

I’m unbahxing the FoodWeLove Box De Groene Meisjes Edition after the jump. So don’t click if you don’t want to know what it’s in it.

I have received this FoodWeLove Box for the purpose of writing about on this website. And eating everything in it while standing in the kitchen thinking about my life choices, obviously. If this is a problem for you, best of luck with your life. 

*I mean Whatsapp. If I call you I can tell you right now it’s not me and send help. 

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Mint green!

The color kind of matches their breakfast e-book. Which I will review once I have more than 5 minutes for breakfast in the morning and more than 20 minutes to write a blogpost.

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First thoughts: “COME TO MOMMA” and “Oh ladies, you’ve done your followers A SOLID with this box!”  and finally: “Is that…PUKKA TEA?!?!”

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JAN GOTJE ORGANIC SUPERFOOD MIX Very excited to try this one. I’ve only ever had the salted almonds from this brand and those were really good. However, despite my enthusiasm I decided not to have it for breakfast and save them for my road trip this weekend.

ROYAL GREEN EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL I love the Royal Green brand and you can never have enough coconut oil. You can pretty much use it for everything, from grilling your veggies to baking to hair masks to leaving terrible stains on your clothes after you’ve used it as moisturizer. Not that this has happened to me or anything.

ROYAL GREEN COCONUT BLOSSOM SUGAR I cannot wait to start baking with this.

BUCKWHEAT FLOUR Read aforementioned statement.

ALMOND MILK …See previous instructions.

(#lazywriting. But seriously though, I’m thinking vegan raspberry-bananabread)

PUKKA TEA Since Culy’s box I’ve been obsessed with Pukka Tea. Drink this at work non-stop. I never had Vanilla Chai before I got it in this box and it is SO good.

NAKD COCOA DELIGHT Had this as a snack at work. Delicious and quite filling. These bars are perfect for on the (raw vegan) go.

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And there you have it. The lovely FoodWeLove Box De Groene Meisjes edition. It’s beautiful, and delicious, and I’m proud of the people who are behind it.

Okay, I’m going to drink more Pukka tea now and annoy my favorite vegans some more with stupid questions and marveling at their FoodWeLove box. Ok bye!

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