My Favorite Work Out Places In Rotterdam


Pheuw. My work schedule is shrinking back to its regular size (most of the time anyway), and that medium-size fit there suddenly seems so much more room for activities! Even fitness activities!

I enjoy exercising, but honestly? When I’m busy, I need to chill more than I need to move. So screw it: If I’m tired and I want to blow off a work out for a night on the couch with my iPad and Oreo cookies, I will. And if I want to do that five nights because I have had a tough week and I’m exhausted, I will do that too. I’m an adult, I can do that, and you can’t do shit about it, son.

But when I can, I also really love dedicating a part of my day, however small, to moving my body. With the purpose to feel better, to relax and enjoy.

Here are a couple of my go-tos around town if I want to exercise: My favorite work out places in Rotterdam.


BIKRAM YOGA Like, duh. It’s easy for me to go here before or after work, and I continue to be amazed by the mental and physical benefits of Bikram, which is why I want to keep doing it.

This studio could use a few touch-ups (I have been stepping over the same yogamat-taped-over-the-hole-in-the-floor for about 3 years now, I mean, come on now) and the amount of money I fork over every month is painful and a little ridiculous, but nothing tops the Bikram sequence and I love my Bikram yoga teachers.

Adress: Westerstraat 40 3016 DH Rotterdam


HOT YOGA PLACE Only 10 minutes from my home, a really beautiful studio and the sweetest owner, Hot Yoga Place is my new favorite. I unfortunately had way too little time to explore all the different classes (only did Hot Pilates so far, which I loved) but luckily the time to properly do different classes has arrived.

I love Esther’s personality; she’s very loving and relaxed, but so strong and clear in class. I also really like the different classes you can choose from and that they last only an hour (but I feel that one hour at Hot Yoga Place for DAYS.)

Adress: Moltzerhof 14 3052 VA  Rotterdam


PILATES PLACE ROTTERDAM …But nothing hurts like Reformer Pilates at the Pilates Place. 

I am not easily embarrassed, but I had such a tough time in my last reformer class that I’m afraid to do it again. I want to have a few mat classes under my belt before I put myself through that again. I dig Marti (my instructor) a lot though: She’s super no-nonsense, and she adjusts my posture and my Pilates exercise until she sees something she is sort of pleased with.

So, some mat classes first, and once I feel a little bit stronger and braver, I dare to go back to Marti and the reformer.

Adress: Oostzeedijk 160a, 3063 BK Rotterdam


THE BOOTCAMP CLUB YOGA When I first heard Bootcamp Club Yoga Fit was coming back I was SO excited. I loved the Saturday routine I settled in during June and the first weeks of July with that bootcamp class, as well as the way it’s set out: Some light running, core exercises, yoga postures and some Pilates influences. Oh, and Savasana.

I enjoy it, and it’s a great workout, so I’m jumping right back in as soon as possible, which is Monday the 15th! I’m so there after work, and if you like the sound of it, I bet you can still join!


RUN & JUICE CLUB First you run and do some interesting exercises to help your running, then you drink fresh juice. It’s great for all runners, both beginners as the more experienced.

It’s also great for best friends who drop in and out of running due to a lack of commitment and regularity but who don’t mind it so much and do want to be supportive.

I love that DailyLin’s Run&Juice Club is doing so well and will join when it’s a little colder. That’s because I know Lin will make me leave my house to work out, which is always a problem for me in winter.



KRALINGSE PLAS Lord knows I love Rotterdam, but I really don’t enjoy running in Rotterdam.

This probably has less to do with the environment and more with my previously mentioned lack of commitment (and regularity, and discipline, and general ability to stay focused on anything), but I find it uninspiring. And it makes me miss my hometown.*

There is one exception to this rule though, and that is Kralingse Plas. It’s so lovely, green and versatile and the atmosphere there (especially on Saturdays) is just so cheerful and positive.

I can run a 5K (admittedly, my person best would make most runners snort derisively) so I want to do a 5K lap here sometime soon.

See, these are my favorite work out places in Rotterdam, but all other cool suggestions are welcome in the comments too obviously. Now it’s time for bed, stuff to do tomorrow. OK BYE.

*Which is really close to Rotterdam, so no drama or tears there or anything, but I just really prefer running there: Through the “polders” and alongside of the Maas and surrounded by farm land and (artificial) forests.

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  1. I love reformer pilates! It is amazing to feel and be aware of all these little muscle (groups) you never put focus on! Sounds like Rotterdam has quite a lot of fun things to try out; look forward to read more about your experiences! Enjoy 🙂

  2. Love all these tips, since I will be living in Rotterdam in a couple of weeks due to an internship! 🙂 Adding to that.. You should really check out the Balanzs yoga studio that just opened last week! I’m taking my yogalessons in that studio in The Hague. The balanzs studio is situated at the Mariniersweg and they now have a “try seven days for free” offer! Nothing there to stop you 😉 I would be curious about what you think about their yogalessons.
    Have a nice (sunny) day!