My Seven Favorite Vegan Essentials.

nikon 11 april 463

Simplify your (attempt at) vegan living with these seven favorite vegan essentials: The ingredients you need that make your (partially) plant-based diet easier and more delicious.

Click ‘read more’ to read my great advertising for a bunch of products I like to use in my day-to-day diet.

nikon 11 april 478


“Because you’re worth it. Bean-milk.”

(Great for cappuccinos and I’m stil a coffee-fiend)

nikon 11 april 475


“Soy milk for posers.”

(Perfect for chia puddings, smoothies and also in curry and soups if you -oh I don’t know- ever forgot to buy a can of coconut milk)

nikon 11 april 473


“Let’s go with the Legume.”

(I love this in salads, in curries and even as a snack when grilled with cayenne pepper and cumin.)

nikon 11 april 476


“Because regular tofu tastes like watery nothing and is a bitch to marinade, we just added some artificial smoked flavour to it. And now YOU LOVE IT. SCIENCE. CONSUMERS. BAM. ”

(This is my favorite in salads with grilled red onion.)

nikon 11 april 474


“It’s like yogurt, but not with cows.”

(I am so nailing this.)

nikon 11 april 480


“The cheapest thing to add to your salad that makes it healthy. BONUS: Unlocks the #healthy and #foodspo hashtag on Instagram!!! Get it now!!”

(In all salads, but also in smoothies! Enzymes! Hashtag healthy!)

nikon 11 april 471


“You can make really nice creamy vegan chocolate mousse with this. Do you really need any other argument?”

Those are my favourite vegan essentials. They’re not that expensive, you can find them in any supermarket and they are very easy to use in recipes and routine cooking. Tell me yours, WITH an excellent slogan of course.

OK short post but deal with it I got stuff to do ok BYE.

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  1. Hahahaha, de soja-producten zijn bij mij ook favoriet. Vooral omdat ik lactose intolerant bent, overigens. En verse kruiden maken alles lekkerderderder. 🙂

  2. I really love the almond milk!
    But I prefer soy bean milk natural, you can buy it, too, and it´s without sugar 🙂

  3. Leuk stukje! Ik vind kikkererwten echt te ranzig voor woorden, da’s wel jammer. Ook van soja ben ik niet zo’n fan, maar amandelmelk <3<3<3 Mijn favoriete vegan essential is havermout!

  4. Tempeh “omdat: frituur.” 😉 Ik vind het smaakvoller en meer bite hebben dan tofu. En als je het in een beetje olie knapperig bakt met een beetje zout en peper, ohh goddelijk. (Al vinden de meeste mensen het wel een beetje smaakloos op die manier geloof ik)