Favorite Quotes from My ‘Be Your Own Hero’ E-book

(OMG guys look how young and adorable and not yet completely broken down by life I am in this picture. Sigh. Memories. Made by Mariet)

I sometimes reread my own articles and ebooks.* I don’t know, sometimes I just need to remind myself of what I know, you know?

I recently grabbed one of the last useful things I’ve written, the Be Your Own Hero e-book, and some of it actually made sense.

Here are a few of favorite parts from the e-book/e-course I wrote two years ago.

*I mean, wow. I am not saying there’s a DSM-V diagnosis in me, but if there was it would rhyme with Arsisist.


“You are the one who should rescue yourself from whatever you need to be rescued from. Whether it’s shitty people, an unhealthy lifestyle, a dysfunctional relationship or simply procrastination tendencies. Whenever it’s necessary, however it’s possible.”


“A hero has got to have a plan, baby.

Notice how I say: have ‘a’ plan?

And how I’m NOT saying The Plan, THE plan, The Plan For All Upcoming Forevers And Eternities? That’s because you don’t need a ‘THE Plan’ per se. You may just need to have A plan. I’m talking about a plan, not The Plan. It can be really hard to just think of your life’s purpose just like that, and then only ever go do things just for that.


“I want you to continuously try to be present in your own life. See everything. I want you to really look at what you’re doing, what you’re experiencing and what you think and feel while you’re doing it.”


“Whenever I found myself in a situation that made me freak out, this thought would pop up. Whenever I encountered information that made me feel anxious, down or stressed, I would think this to myself.

“Overcome this.” 

It keeps you from getting paralyzed over everything you’re feeling and thinking, instead this single thoughts can help you power through something. Even when it’s hard or uncomfortable.

I’ve caught myself a couple of times, staring in blind panic at a document or an email that I had no idea what to do with. By telling myself “okay, you can overcome this, come on”? I would take a different look at it, take some more time, call in support troups or do something to the best of my ability.


“Tell yourself over and over: You’re the hero of your story.

You’re the Harry Potter, the Daenerys, the Frodo, the Iron Man (in your own franchise) or the Black Widow (who should have her own franchise, am I right?). You’re not a side character in the story of the people around you. You’re not a side kick. You have your own fucking franchise, okay?

And sure, our real lives don’t have dragons or evil wizards or epic tales with second breakfast (I am so for that) but the sentiments hold up.

You’re the hero of your story. Keep reminding yourself of this and let it launch you into acton.”

I like it when my past self apparently hasn’t been a total idiot.

If you want to read the entire thing, you can buy it with the button below, right here and with the code ‘Beyourownhero2016′ you get 50% off.

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Later dudes, love you.

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  1. Thank you for reminding me of this ebook!!! I loved it then, and I love it now. Fuck finding it (solution, support, appreciation), just go BE it. You are dopeness, then and now.