Every Day…

Start Fresh. Just because you did it a certain way before doesn’t mean you have to do it that way today too. Not to get all Hallmark on you, but today really could be a day where you do thing totally differently. How does today feel to you? Do you want to go hardcore with a killer work-out, hours of disciplined work and a supersized salad for dinner? Or is it more a day for a spontaneous adventure, for some relaxing, for a spiritual experience or spending time with loved ones?  What’s your mantra today? How do you want to feel? What do you want to do, be, see, taste, experience? Today has never happened before, so treat it like a new experience. Because it is! 

Start with a purpose.  When you wake up with something that you really want to do today, the day is instantly vibed up with purpose and calling. Which is awesome. So when you wake up, think of something you really want to do today, something you want to try or something you want to achieve. Maybe you want to run a certain number of miles, try out that new bakery downtown, see a friend, do something nice for your significant other or work on your short stories? Whatever it is, give today a purpose. Days are good when they have purpose.

Do something nice for another person. As simple as holding the door open, smiling at someone who looks sad or giving a co-worker a compliment about their dress. Or buying a present for someone you love, writing a letter to an old friend or taking your loved one(s) out for dinner. Our relationships are important, we should cherish them.

Although I got caught in a huge rain storm this morning and my socks are still soaking, I’m good and here to wih you a Happy Monday? Make it a good one!

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  1. I love this. The first of a month, a new year, a new day, they all can be a new beginning of a totally new, more amazing you <3

  2. Hoi,

    ik lees eigenlijk altijd je blog (en vind hem dus heel leuk ;)), maar wou even niet-inhoud gerelateerd zeggen dat ik de laatste week als ik op jouw blog kom ik steeds melding krijg van een trojaans paard. Kan mis ook aan mijn comp liggen maar dacht ik meld het even ;). Keep up the blogging!