Energy: Increase it with Exercises

Our energy levels can be all over the place. They are under the influence of many factors: diet, sleep, medication, drug (ab)use, emotional turmoil, life events, season, stand of the moon, whether or not we have been abducted by aliens. Over some factors we have zerozip control, but we can exercise a lot of personal power over most.

The higher your energy levels, the better you’ll feel. You’ll be more active and productive, happier and less irritable. You won’t feel wiped out quickly and you’ll take better care of yourself all together.

Energy will be increased by good food, good exercise, good sleep and a happy, fulfilled life, obviously. I’m not going to go into that today. Instead, I wanted to share a few cute and interesting exercises Serge Kahili King has written about in his book to tap into the Energy Supply of Universe. Just reading them made me happy, and I wanted to give you a happy Monday too!

The Exercises: 

  • “Imagine that you are taking a shower in a waterfall of pure, tingling energy that soaks into every cell of your body.”
  • “Imagine that ther are lines of light connecting you with all the stars and galaxies. Then imagine that on your command, all that energy comes from them to you in waves of light.”
  • “Chant a power phrase, like Om”
  • “Repeated suggestion that you are being filled with unlimited universal energy.”
  • “Listen completely to powerful music.”
  • “Breathe very slowly and deeply, until you feel highly energized.”
  • “Do some vigorous exercise or movements and get very emotionally excited in a positive way.”
  • “Imagine that you’re achieving something that you want very much; affirm that you have unlimited power and energy to do it; get emotionally enthusiastic about doing it and about the benefits of doing it; consciously and strongly intend that it shall be done.”

What do you do to feel more energetic? Don’t say drugs, just say no!