Motivation Mantra: Effort Won’t Betray You


effort won't betray you

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“Effort won’t betray you” is a beautiful quote that embodies everything about doing the work. It is a famous Tumblr post in the studyspo community. (Don’t know what Studyspo is? Click).

I think about it often.

effort won't betray you
effort won’t betray you

Making the effort, putting in energy in things that matter to you? Will always bring you good things, and only good things.

(Unless you’re putting effort into making meth, in which case I refer you to Breaking Bad character developments and

Even if you don’t get the exact thing you were hoping for, which happens, because LIFE, you will still have spent your valuable time on your priorities, practicing, learning, adding experience to your resume and basic knowledge.

There are no downsides to putting effort into the things you love. Whether it’s your job, your friendships, your relationship, your pet projects or even your house, effort is good.

When you make the effort, give yourself what you want, and you know that when things don’t go as planned, it won’t be for a lack of trying. It won’t be on you, you won’t have yourself to blame. And you can use your experience and learned lesson for a next time.

Everything worth having takes work, and everything worth having means you have to do something, you have to put in the time. Otherwise nothing will change.

You know what betrays you?

Your ego, thinking you don’t have to put in the work – because you’re good enough to wing it. I mean, it’s possible you are, but you would be even better if you prepped.

Laziness, procrastination, the idea you can do it later (trust me, NEW things will pop up later), distractions, leaving early, skipping workouts, ignoring your to-do-lists, doing things the very last minute.

Those are thing that betray you. These things just have (very) short term benefits, but may prove problematic in the long run. These things won’t bring you anything.

Doing the work? Putting in the time? Investing energy and emotion in the things important to you? Focus, determination? Making the hours, training, practicing, making the effort?

Effort never betrays you, and bring you so many good things.

effort won't betray you
effort won’t betray you

Yes, it takes energy. It requires you to admit that you care about stuff (gasp), it requires you to admit that you want things, that you have goals, and that you have to work for things. It requires you to keep going, even though you don’t fee like it. It makes you tired, exhausted even maybe. But that process too is valuable.

Only good can come of making the effort.

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  1. I love this! I have to admit I’m not active on tumblr anymore, so I totally missed hype, but it’s definitely one of my new favourite quotes!

  2. Woman. You are writing the exact words I need to read today.
    Not only that effort won’t betray you, but especially that laziness, procrastination and the “I can wing it” attitude will.

    Thanks, Lianne. You are starting to become my concience 😉