Do you want a hard copy of Girl Meets Yoga?

For anyone who’d like a hard copy of Girl Meets Yoga, I’m getting a few printed! It’s not really a big thing or anything, but if you like my writing maybe you’d like to have the first book in print. I’m still working out the specifics but this is what I do know:

  • I’ve corrected the last typos & weird spots. When I read it myself on my iPad I noticed some things I overlooked (as well as one helpful e-mail) so I improved the version for print.  It will be even easier to read!
  • It’s going to cost you about 10/11 euros, which includes shipping costs if you live in the Netherlands.
  • You can pay me through Paypal & the usual methods: I will figure the deal with Paypal out tomorrow.
  • If you want it to be 9 euros, come pick the book up yourself and have a cup of coffee with me. If you’re not creepy, I can be friendly.
  • I will sign it for you. Not because I think I’m a big deal, but because I think it’s nice to include a personal message.
  • It’s a limited offer: I’m placing the order on Saturday the 28th! It is going to be the only print version of my first book, ever.
  • So do you want a copy? E-mail me at to place your order!

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