FREE (Dutch!) E-book: Dingen Anders Doen Als Je Niet Naar Buiten Mag!

What do you do when you write a book about habit change (Dingen Anders Doen, in stores now!) and suddenly you find yourself in a completely new situation, where a lot of what you usually do is no longer an option?

Easy! You start figuring things out and you start writing about it.

With some pride and a bit of chuckle, I hereby present: Dingen Anders Doen Als Je Niet Naar Buiten Mag.*

It IS in Dutch, for which I’m very sorry but I promise I’m moving back into English content again really soon. Pinky promise!

In the mean time, IF you’re Dutch (or can read Dutch, you genius) and you’re in the mood for an easybreezy read on my experiences with habits during the corona times?

Download the e-book here for free!

*Translates to Doing Things Differently If You’re Not Allowed To Go Outside. I like a bit of dramatics when it comes to book titles.

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