Dead Ringer Design Promo And Discount Code.


DISCLAIMER This is a promotion blog post featuring my new favorite Etsy shop. After my first order, one that I placed myself, I love the shirts I received. I asked the owner if she wanted to be promoted on my blog. She did, and that’s how I received two shirts free of charge. 

Can we move on to the fun part now? Because I found a fucking cool Etsy store and want to share it with you. Sheesh.

BACKSTORY When I came across Dead Ringer Design, and their Namaste shirts, I was like “DONE.” Immediately placed an order.

I had wanted a Namaste shirt since forever. The shop has all these fun and funny tanks and tees (the Olympics one is so funny) so it took me a while to pick a second one. I eventually added the Flower Child tanktop for summer festivals.

I didn’t write about it at that time. Before I promote something on my blog I like to personally check it.

This was back in FEBRUARY. Unfortunately Customs swept my package up in a spot check. Which is how I ended up waiting a month for my shirts and having to pay an extra 20 bucks.

To be honest, I didn’t sweat that bump in the road one bit. Finding these shirts and then finally having them was worth it.

Especially when I found the reviews weren’t lying: THE COTTON IS SO SOFT. These shirts are so comfortable. I have hardly taken my Namaste shirt off since.


However, the total sweetheart owner of the shop offered to reimburse me half of that custom tax bill when I messaged her. I told her it was fine and instead politely asked her if she wanted to be on The Self Help in exchange for two more of her awesome shirts.

She was down with that, which is why I received my second Namaste shirt in the mail yesterday, this time in white. I received another one but that one is a gift for my favorite when she comes back from Bali.


I wasn’t originally planning to feature them in a separate blog post, but Alicja also gave me a discount code for my readers! You can order in her Etsy shop and enter the coupon code HIPSTER (lol) for 20% off on your purchase.

That’d be all. Bye!

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  1. Woo, mooie shirts!
    Hoe kan het trouwens dat ze niet doorschijnen? (Tenminste, zo ziet het eruit op de foto.)
    Zijn deze shirts dik genoeg of heb je daar een trucje voor?

    1. Ik heb onder het Flower Child shirtje een hempje aan, maar de Namaste shirtjes schijnen helemaal niet door!

  2. Thanks for a nice promotion article. You look great in those tees. I wanted to mention that there is no import tax on anything under 22 euros which equals to 30 $, anything above may be a subject to additional charge at your local post office. 30 $ should get you 2 tees with the coupon code used.