DailyLin’s Run & Juice Club.


Soooooo, I run. A little.

Well, I say ‘run’, but let’s not overstate things. It’s more like a jog. A sad jog.

That I only do it a little is true, though. I only lap a leisurely 3,5K every once a few weeks, I have no idea about how much time one k takes me, the Nike+ app mostly just pisses me off (SHE WON’T SHUT UP) and I am consistently last in ANYTHING that happens with challenges.

And then there’s Lin. Double marathon runner junkie. Runs all the miles, does all the races, and has trained very consistently for over three years now. I’m very proud of her.

And when we run together (every once in a million years) she is a great coach. She brings that same love for running and fitness into her Run&Juice Club. That’s why I personally signed up for DailyLin’s Run & Juice club, and I found she does even better in groups.

I’ve been twice now (first time for real, second time to make some pictures so people won’t think she’s making it up) and I can tell you it’s perfect for everyone: The runner junkes as well as the recreational or occasional users.

Here’s why.


After running to warm up Lin makes us do some exercises that help your stride and posture while you run. I’d show you a pic, but that means 12 angry emails from girls who think they look ridiculous so just trust me on this one.

There is a really fun caterpillar-y interval training where the last person has to accelerate to the front of the line.


After doing the interval-thing there are core exercises, that include…planking. All groan in unison, am I right?

(Okay, maybe just me)

Also, ab exercises in duos: It’s good because you can share the burn, as well as feel like you’re held accountable.


Another jog to the last location: “Lin’s hill.” I actually already call this hill Mount Doom. The exercise is killing, and at some point I feel like I’m Sam carrying Frodo up to final plot twists of the movie. Except there are no plot twists here and Frodo is actually my own ass.

For this exercise you have a partner and you take turn running a lap around and up Mount Down; when you’re up you taf your partner, then she runs, tags you, then you have to go again.  Downhill is fine, but uphill is super steep and off road.

It’s horrible and awesome at the same time, and super satisfying. You know you’ve worked yourself after this one.


Once the Mount Doom Exercise is done, everyone is tired but very satisfied. Time for the last cool down jog towards the parking lot, some stretching and of course…the juice of Run&Juice club.

Do you want to read the report of the actual trainer and see if you can join DailyLin’s Run & Juice Club next time? Check out Lin’s blog, with the new dates! 

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  1. Ik ben ook niet zo’n goeie hardloper. Een a twee keer in de week een rondje om het park bij ons huis. De laatste keer rende onze kat het hele stuk mee. Dat maakt het een stuk leuker 🙂