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Even though the people who follow me now come here because they’ve been following me for a while, here’s a little overview of where you can find me, and how to keep up with what I do.

Of course, here’s how you can follow my blog with Bloglovin. You get the regular updates in your feed-list.

You can find my Twitter account @selfhelphipster and follow me. I’m known to rant about people who rant, excitedly claim my love for Glee, healthy food and friends. Occasionally I say something funny. Or deep. However, I wouldn’t go sit around and wait for that, because I go through very un-deep phases.

And here is where you can find my personal blog that I kept for 2 years, I will try to update this every once in a while too, because sometimes it’s just fun to write about your own life, habits, relationships and wardrobe. I have a close net of hilarious relatives and friends, I like just telling you about my day sometimes (the interesting days, not the boring ones) and I am not giving this blog up yet. Mine!


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