Code of 2015: “Because My Life Is Dope And I Do Dope Shit”

LoveC4Cactus-076(Picture by Mariet Mons/blog)

Ready for me to go full on Kanye West on ya?

A quote of his that has been stuck in my mind since January. Previous weekend it turned into my third installment of the Code of 2015 articles. Read 1 and 2 here.

If you want to hear the backstory to this quote from the source, you click here.

If you want the short version explained (badly) by me: Kanye was doing something cool with Dave Chapelle when someone called him up for something. Kanye said “No, I can’t because I’m doing this-and-that right now.” And then he went “BECAUSE MY LIFE IS DOPE AND I DO DOPE SHIT” …And then hung up the phone.

Now, I’m not a big Kanye fan. He laid down some good tracks (and weird ass videos) but he’s also obnoxious six ways to Sunday. And the Kimye merge is just all sorts of ‘ugh’ to me because I don’t believe in fame for no good reason.

But I laughed for a million years when I read that quote.

It is so Kanye. So loud. Obnoxious and way over the top. If you say it in all seriousness it makes you sound like a jackass.

But I like it. It has a sense of ‘fuck yeah my life’ and ‘fuck what you think’. Amazement at a good life and fun things shines through. I dig that. If you can be that confident and excited about your life and what you do (minus the Kanye conceitedness), you’re doing something right.

“Because my life is dope and I do dope shit”

I love that line. I think that line.

Because I think my life is dope, even with its really really undope moments. And I think the shit I do is dope.

(Yes, watching Bob’s Burgers in bed with green tea counts as Dope Shit To Do. Get with the program.)

My dope shit may not be your dope shit, but I am into what I do. I’m lucky enough that I have the freedom and flexibility that most of my choices can reflect my interests and strengths.

I want my choices and my actions to reflect that thought, in the same way that High Quality Activities and Radical Honesty define my behaviour as written in the 2015 Code articles.

I want to think my life is dope, and that the shit I do is dope.

I’m lucky that I get to think that from time to time. When I get to visit a friend in Vienna, when I work on a cool project at work, when I am invited somewhere cool for my blog. Basically whenever I am able to do something that suits me and my life. Not just the fancy stuff, but also the everyday routine life stuff. From nights out partying until the sun comes up to evenings where I read and go to sleep at Senior Citizen Hours.

I want to think it even more*, and work to make that happen. I want to embrace and expand on that more in 2015. Make those choices, do those things.

And do all of that with the people I love. Because that is an addendum I really need to add: “Because my life is dope, and I do dope shit, with dope ass people**.”


(Picture by Mariet Mons/blog)

Your life does not become dope by accident.

Sure. Some shots are lucky shots. And some parts of your life will be all sorts of undope without you able to do anything about it.

But you can do a lot with everything else. So why not try?

*Without becoming an obnoxious ass like Kanye West obviously. Leather harem pants look terrible on me. 

**My god, now I’m getting sick of the word ‘dope’. Let’s wrap this up. 

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  1. Yes yes yes! Because you should feel this way about your own life, and let yourself. It doesn’t make you an obnoxious ass (well at least not instantly) but just shows you live life on your own terms and love what you do. Great post, thanks for writing it.

  2. Wat een mooie foto’s Lianne. Ze passen heel goed bij het beeld dat ik uit je blog van je krijg. Vol leven en bedachtzaamheid tegelijk.

  3. Ive said “my life is dope cos i do dope shit” for the longest time and didnt know where i heard it. I said it today for the first time in a SUPER long time because of the control ive started taking in changing my life; and it made me realize that ive moved into a positive mindset again – also realizing therefore that ive been in a bit of a rut lately without even being aware of it!
    I Googled the sentence to see what greatness the interwebs would hit me with and this blog was one of them! THANK YOU for writing this – its of the best pieces ive ever read! so inspiring.
    AND you have added to my life now that i also want to extend by “with dope ass people!”
    LOVE from Johannesburg, South Africa
    PS: id love to follow you on social media – what are your handles/profiles? My Instagram: @AtRaquelPatterson xxx