Brilliant Breakfast Suggestions.

I usually stick to a favorite breakfast for a few months until one morning I look into my bowl or onto my plate, realize I’m sick of this particular dish and fall into a deep depression. Okay, not a deep depression. A little one. It’s good to keep things fresh and change up your routines before you get sick of them, not during. So I went onto a little Breakfast Treasure Hunt among my own favorites, those of friends and those of some healthy websites. Enjoy!

  • Green Juice: If your stomach is equipped and you can stand the taste, down half to a whole liter of green juice as breakfast. The chlorofyl and vitamins are a great way to start the day  and if you have a 3 veggie to 1 fruit ratio you should’t get any bothersome blood sugar spikes. Get ready for lots of pee-breaks though.
  • Banana: Or two. Bananas sustain me for a long time and I usually eat one before I go exercise or you know, have to think real hard. Burns calories too.
  • Green Monster: Oh you know the drill. Orange juice/Almond Milk, 2-3 handful of greens, a banana/avocado and blend the bastard. You can make it basic like this, or add things like spirulina powder, maca powder, chia seeds, goji berries and other delicious superfoods.
  • Chia Pudding: I don’t think you understand. I fucking love chia seeds. They are magical. These are two possible pudding-recipes that work wonderfully as breakfasts, a Dutch one by Lin and an English one by Sabine (scroll down or the way).
  • Toast: I love me a piece of toast every now and then. I like to eat it with butter and a little bit of pepper&salt, it reminds me of when I studied in Canada and I had this on campus as breakfast. Healthier ways to eat toast are with avocado on top, some sort of nut butter or even coconut butter (which is delicious).
  • Yogurt Mania: A breakfast I bring with me to work sometimes. I’ve always been a cereal killer (HA HA) and since I discovered Dorset Cereal and other organic cereals without crazy amounts of sugar I’m rehashing the habit. Add (soy) yogurt, chia seeds, cranberries&raisins, organic cereal and top with some fresh fruit. Filling, healthy and very tasty.
  • Oats: Although I hardly ever eat it myself, ever since I saw this recipe by Food Savant Nettelie on Nadelunch, I wanted to give it a go. There are also lots of awesome English recipes with Oat Meal Variations, for which you can click here (pumpkin spice), here (chocolate) and here (5 warm oat meal recipes – perfect for fall)!
  • The Second  Breakfast I wrote about here. Very satisfying and nutritious, plus open for all kinds of varying with toppings and fruits.
  • “Flippin’ Bitches”: Manfred is convinced this is a term for French Toast. I thought he’s made it up and I found after some Googling that the Interwebz agrees with me, but flipped bitches is a literal translation of the Dutch term for French Toast. Anyway, my sexy Manfriend makes a mean French Toast for me. The difference with regular French toast is that he uses wholewheat bread and I make him use less sugar and add more cinnamon (I feel about cinnamon the way Christopher Walken feels about cowbell).
  • Fruity Platter: Fruit is easy to digest, delicious and you can dress it up or down with sweetener or not, whatever you like. I personally love pineapple with some apple and orange.
  • Omelette: My favorite is with just chopped red onion, lately, but adding tomato, cheese and spinach is also very good.

Would you like more ideas? Click here for Oh She Glows Breakfast Top 15 and here for Some Like It Raw’s archive! Also drop what your favorite breakfasts are down in the comments: They don’t have to be healthy, just breakfast suggestions in general are fine!

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  1. I love, (LOVE!) Brinta, especially before a long run. But G always asks me why I would like to eat something that tastes and looks like wet cardboard.

  2. I always say ‘Switch Bitch’ as french toast, haha!
    Very tasty breakfast ideas! I like (soy) yoghurt in the morning so every yoghurt idea is wonderful.
    Next to that I LOVE bagels! I eat them without anything or topped with sweet or savory breakfast okay toppings.

  3. Zo herkenbaar dit! Ik heb dit probleem niet alleen met het ontbijt, maar ook lunch op werk. Altijd in periodes, waarin ik alléén maar bepaalde producten eet. Tot ik iets nieuws ontdekt/bedacht heb, dan breekt de volgende fase aan. Meer afwisseling is zeker wat ik nodig heb. Goede tips!

  4. I love Banana Pancakes. They have no flour whatsoever and are super nutritious! Other breakfast recipes are Peanut butter and banana sandwich (homemade peanut butter (super easy!!) and banana spread which is basically mashed bananas), toasted bread slices w/ avocado spread and a smiley cherry tomatoes on top, an avocado and egg omelet, etc… Too many to write down, but they’re all delicious for sure 😉