Studio Review: Bikram Yoga Wien Schottenring

Fun fact: There are two Bikram yoga studios in Vienna that have a S in their location name. Which is how I ended up going to the wrong one, causing the girl behind the counter to panic and me being slightly peeved the studio owner had forgotten about me.

When I checked my email later, turns out it was pretty much all my fault. Felt like an idiot. So I feel they deserve the review anyway.

So. I went to Bikram Yoga Wien Schottenring. By accident, sure, but I went there and wrote about it.

I was looking at my pictures and I only just noticed there’s a pair of glasses on the left. Why would you leave your glasses there? Did someone have a Superman Emergency? Explain what happened in the comments.

On Saturday morning I took to another classic part of Vienna, with big broad streets and big beautiful buildings to visit the Schottenring studio.

What I notice upon walking in is that it’s small – smaller than the Bikram Loft and smaller than most Bikram studios I’ve seen. Not cramped up, but definitely tighter than most.

Because my miscommunication with the girl behind the front desk took so long, I have about three minutes to change into my yoga clothes and take pictures, so that’s why this blog post has only four pictures. These are literally the only four pics I was able to snap before getting into my yoga pants and into the hot room.

Dressing room. No lockers, but lots of benches to put your stuff on and good showers. And a scale. That object’s necessity in a crowded dressing room full of other women is beyond me, but who knows. Maybe people use it.

I walk into the hot room and it is narrow and small. Only two rows of yoga mats fit in there, about twenty mats per row. Just like the rest of the studio, smaller than what I’m used to.

The nervous looking girl did not inspire much confidence prior to class, but that was kind of my fault with all my difficult questions about owners and emails and ‘don’t you know who I am’ (kidding, I never say that, ever).

And so I am happily surprised when she transforms into a wonderful Bikram yoga teacher once she enters the hot room. Her pace, her tone, her cadence in the dialogue were all great. Involved, some specific adjustments, very well done.

Me and my neighbours were so close we were basically conjoined yogis but I have been in my fair share of crowded classes before and group energy is usually good in those classes (as you’re all suffering together you deal pretty well). I didn’t mind.

What I DID mind, was the wafts of lemon oil that kept drifting in and out of my smelling range. WHY. Okay, probably because of the bunch of sweaty stinky people in a cramped up room, but we were the first class of the day: So not really necessary just yet, I think. And just like heavy perfumes and colognes can be very intrusive in a yoga class, so is scented oil. I hated it.

Besides being irritated by the smell, I made it through class easy peasy lemon-squeazy (har har). After class I drank a gallon of water, bumped into a million other women in the dressing room, took a shower and was on my merry way.

I slipped out quietly. I had already caused the teacher enough stress as it was.

  • RATES 10 euros for an intro week, 16 euros for a single class and 110 euros for a month card. Pretty standard stuff for Bikram Yoga studios.
  • DRESSING ROOMS Pretty standard, but a little cramped and messy. Had hair dryers, make-up removal items and body lotions.
  • SHOWERS Great showers.
  • HEATING Heating was great. Heat is usually always better in a smaller room and you could really feel the difference with the Bikram Yoga Loft in that regard.
  • YOGA ROOM FLOOR Wooden floor, thankyoubabyJesus.
  • EXTRA You can check out the website for more information about the studio.

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  1. My fav place for bikram, but after your review of Schönbrunn, i might change my mind 🙂

    I know people are always standing outside and talking on the phone befor class, as it can get quite crowded inside, so maybe someone was talking on the phone and taking the glasses off and then forgot 😀
    maybe they fell out of someones bag and someone picked them up so they wouldnt get lost/broken…

  2. I tried Bikram Yoga Schottenring last thursday as my first time ever trying the bikram yoga. I have to say that this place is not wellcoming new beginners. However, I had observed that the old and regular yogis were happy of being there.

    1. Oh no! I agree that the other places in Vienna are a bit more friendly, that’s for sure. But they were nice enough!