Bikram Yoga Roma Studio Review


If you are up for a little hike after you’ve visited the Saint Peter church, you can find the Bikram Yoga Roma yoga studio on the side of an apartment complex on Via del Aurelia. It’s a bit out of your way most likely, but well worth the uphill climb.

Even when there are zero shadows and you’re already sweating through your Nike tanktop before you’ve even entered.



I invited myself to Bikram Yoga Roma via email, as I usually do. I had some pleasant exchanges with the person on the other end, so I was excited to go and check out the studio.

When I arrived at 09-something on Sunday morning, the enthusiastic receptionist opened the door with “You must be Lianne! I love your blog!” …Oh, stop it you!

Obviousy I was immediately enamoured. Oh no wait, I have to maintain professional bloggerism. Hang on.




The studio is small, with a nice sitting area at the front desk, then a narrow hall with entrances to the hot room, the restrooms and the dressing rooms.




The dressing rooms are quite roomy (afterwards too, which was nice!), industrial looking, with 7 showers and 3 with doors for the more private people among us.

Plus, and I really do think this is a HUGE plus: They have shower gel and shampoo dispensers. I love yoga studios that save you trouble and weight in your yoga bag.




In the rest rooms there were two big sinks, two blow dryers and a big mirror for anyone who’d like to get dolled up after leaving.

I leave my camera and valuables in the lockers (locks for them available at the front desk) and enter the Torture Chamber. The room is very bright with tons of natural light coming in form the side, the mats are already on the floor and praise to Mary Jarvis, the floor is wood – not carpet. (The only reason I endure carpet at my own studio back home is because I have no choice)

The teacher comes in and class begins.

Bikram dialogue in Italian? Heaven. My FAVORITE to listen to so far. Prefer it over Czech, Bulgarian, German and even French.

I’m so happy and relaxed when I listen (inspire and espire were my favorite two words I heard that day).

The teacher has good rhythm, a nice voice and the right pace and cadence for the Bikram dialogue that I don’t need to understand exactly what she’s saying but can follow the routine anyway. Even though I don’t have a clue what she’s saying, I can tell she knows what she’s doing.

I have a great class. Sweat is dripping off me in streams and I am very focused. I float out of class and after a shower, I have a very lovely, cold-water-and-food-filled day with my parents afterwards.


  • ADDRESS Via de Aurelia 190 00165 Roma
  • RATES 18 euros for a single class. That’s more expensive than Paris, Berlin or Vienna, but I think Rome is a more expensive city to rent in, so that might be a reason. They do offer a membership for 100 euros a month where you can come during the week, but not weekends – which is interesting!
  • DRESSING ROOMS Lots of room for your clothes, 7 showers, the rest room had big mirrors and blowdryers.
  • LOCKERS Yes, small and big ones! Ask receptionist!
  • SHOWERS Great showers, with soap and shampoo dispensers.
  • HEATING Heating was lovely. I don’t know if I was sweating profusely because of all the food or because the humidity was perfect, but there was nothing wrong with the settings there.
  • EXTRA You can check out the website for more information about the studio.

Thank you for having me, Bikram Yoga Roma: I will be back in Rome next year, and then I’ll definitely visit your studio again too.

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