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Something I was doing when I was on hiatus? Creating something fun. Something helpful. Something that I haven’t done in a very long time and that, frankly, is long overdue.

There is a new online course available. Read on if you want in.

EDIT: There is room for a couple more, so I’m leaving it open until tomorrow 09:00 PM so you can join until the very last minute! 

I’m going to do an online program where you’ll get self help course material delivered from me every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in your inbox. Unique, exclusive content that you can use and apply, as well as enjoy reading.

The theme of this online course?


Being our own hero.

“I’m being my own hero whenever I work for my own happiness, my own success, and my own wellbeing.

 …And I thought maybe you would want to do this with me!

 Because I think more people should be their own hero. It makes you powerful, strong and bold. It inspires you to take care of yourself. Every act of being your own hero, however small, improves the general quality of your life and how you’re feeling.  

But most importantly, when you’re being your own hero, you start looking for what you need within yourself. Instead of automatically trying to find answers and solutions outside of you, being your own hero makes you more in touch with your own truth. To me, this is one of the most powerful things you can do.” – excerpt from the introduction

I feel like we should all be our own heroes. Our own superheroes, even.

If we haven’t done this before, we should start.

If we don’t always know how to do this, we can learn. And practice.

And if we sometimes forget, we can use some reminders.

And for all of that, you can join this online program.

Delivered into your email account three times a week: Some help, some interesting information, a little extra motivation and a lot of love (and probably some dumb jokes but those are not a great selling point).


  • This material will be coming to you straight from me, three times a week. Fresh, exclusive content, Self Help Hipster style.
  • Monday is where you get to read the general theme, and something to last you throughout the week, with either something to (really) think about or something to do.
  • Wednesday is a small thing to get you over the hump of the week. Something fun, something that’s more for you to read, enjoy and to mull over a little.
  • Friday, the start of the weekend, you’ll receive material that builds further upon the general theme of the week, OR sets you up for the coming week.
  • You can be as involved or as laid back as you want. There will be some opportunities to email me for feedback, but you don’t have to take it. Just Receiving and Reading is fine too.
  • All the content will be based on the general idea of Be Your Own Hero, but I will go into specifics on different areas to improve on some occasion. I will also take suggestions for the fourth week to make sure that you get answers to questions you might have.


  • You will start receiving the material starting Friday May 30th and the program will last until the 27th of June, also a Friday.
  • The total fee for this will be 54 dollars, which roughly converts to 40 euros.
  • A month’s worth of self help content delivered into your inbox three times a week for this kind of money? A STEAL. It’s only about 12 dollars/10 euros a week. It’s like a temporary subscription to a weekly (really cool) self help magazine!
  • Here is where it gets interesting. Because there IS a small element of email correspondence between you and me and I’m a busy, busy girl, I am only admitting 50 readers total* and it’s first come, first serve. If this kind of program from me is something you want to get in on, better act fast!
  • Wanna join? Here’s what you do. Click this link to go directly to my Payhip, or click the Buy eBook button below! You’ll pay through Paypal and the first download will be the introduction to Be Your Own Hero Program. From thereon out I will put your email address onto the Be Your Own Hero mailing list and you’ll start receiving emails starting next Friday.

Buy eBook

  • Because I ALSO know there are always a couple of readers who DO want to join but DON’T have Paypal, I have 5 spots on hold for anyone without Paypal who wants to join! But if you want one of these, you also need to move your cute little ass and email me at as soon as possible!

I’m super excited. This is going to be so much fun! See you in your inbox?


*I have put a maximum on the amount of ecourses sold on Payhip. The moment it’s sold out, you can no longer purchase the course. No worries about paying and then not being allowed to join, babies. Besides, what kind of person do you think I am? I’d always return your fee.

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  1. Hoi! Ik heb me ook opgegeven en volgens Paypal ook betaald, maar ik heb nog geen e-mail gekregen. Kan dat kloppen?

    1. Hi Mirjam, zou niet moeten kloppen! Heb je de intro niet gekregen of de eerste niet? Ik heb je mail adres gechecked en het klopt, je staat er gewoon tussen, maar voor de zekerheid de eerste sessie nog gemaild: Laat het me even weten of je deze wel ontvangen hebt? X!

    1. Hi Dharshini, niet meer maar na de cursus komt het materiaal online en er komt een andere cursus in September!