Baby’s First Bikram Class: A Guide with Tips.

This is basically a remake of the old blog I wrote about this; helping you after that faithful moment you decide to take your first Bikram Class. Some things to keep in mind and how to take the best care of yourself possible before, during, and after.

Keep in mind, I’m not a certified teacher. I’m merely a Bikram fanatic that happened to have a blog and a big mouth. Different studios have different ways of handling things. At my studio we don’t drink water during our classes.(so hardcore), in others there are breaks to take a sip of water. Always take the teacher’s advice over mine.

My most important advice? Enjoy! Feel what it does for your mind and body, and always be easy on yourself. Let me know how it goes?


  • Drink, drink, drink. Water (with lemon juice), green juice and maybe some orange juice. Water is best though. Before class I have usually guzzled down 0.75L of water, and I keep the green juice for after.
  • Wear something tight — and if you want to be most comfortable: skimpy. Believe me, once you’re sweating and moving in all sorts of positions, every extra unnecessary layer you have on is going to make you hate your life and your choices. Go for a tank top/bandeau top with shorts.
  • Put your yoga mat in the back row. This way you can have all the people in front of you as examples and you won’t be as self conscious because very little people will be able to watch you. Also, if you stand here the teacher can see you well if you need a little extra adjustments.
  • Don’t be a dick. I’d advise you to just lie down and breathe as you wait for class to start, but it’s perfectly fine if you want to carry on a whispered, quiet conversation while you wait. Just don’t disturb the people who are either warming up or are lying down in savasana, that’s rude.


  • Breathe right. They tell you to breathe in and out for your nose. Don’t ignore them. Do it. It’s best. Occasionally you will jawn, or burp, or sigh, but always go back to breathing through your nose.
  • Try to fidget and fumble as little as possible. The more you focus on yourself in the mirror or your front neighbor’s back in front of you, the easier it is to stay focused and do the postures.
  • Stay calm. You’re not going to faint. You’re not going to die. It’s just a warm room. If it’s all a little much, and it can be the first few times, just sit down and take it easy. Always listen to your body.


  • Drink, drink, drink. Again. Now it’s time to rehydrate and help your system flush out the remaining toxins. I drink coconut water – it’s very hydrating and has electrolytes to refill what you’ve depleted.
  • Eat, eat, eat. You just burnt up a shitload of calories, so it’s time to fill up. Eat lots of healthy things, preferably green vegetables, fresh juice or a great salad.
  • Take it easy. Keep drinking lots of water throughout the day and don’t do any strenuous exercise. Now is not the time for half a marathon or a hike up the mountains. Relax and be kind to your body.

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  1. Great tips! I always wanted to take a bikram yoga class, but I am too afraid I won’t make it til end of the class or stop, because I am too tired. plus I really don’t want to wear a top and shorts, because I am way too concious (and have way too much fat around the hips and stomach) about my body to wear that kind of stuff in front of people, haha.
    Maybe I just need to go and ignore my fear. After all, it is really something I probably like 🙂

    1. Sweetie, I sat on my butt for most of my first ten classes. Don’t worry about that. Leggings are fine too, especially running tights because they are sports-proof. And nobody cares what you look like, often many shapes and sizes are there in shorts and sportsbras and it’s always fine. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

      1. Oh, great, so I won’t be the only one not keeping up with the rest. Tomorrow I will do a ‘regular’ yoga class at the gym next to university. The first real yoga class (normally I do my yoga exercises at home with a weird DVD) with other people around. Maybe I should assign for a bikram yoga class as well and just try.
        Perhaps it helps me to get rid of my self-conciousness! Thanks for you reply 🙂

  2. Ik wil heel graag een keer Bikram yoga doen, het is alleen zo dat ik niet graag in een short rondloop. Dat is eigenlijk het enige wat me tegenhoud.

    1. Leggings of running tights zijn ook heel geschikt (als het maar niet floddert, dat zit soms in de weg!)