Awesome Autumn & Winter Ideas.

Look. If it were up to me, I’d skip any temperature below 20 degrees and just live my life in shorts and tanktops. But despite my obnoxious Universe Does Everything What I Say attitude, I haven’t figured out how to control the weather yet. Until I can put that on my resume under Impressive Skills, I am just going to have to deal with seasons, the appropriate outfits that go with them and the activities suited for them.

And I gotta say, it’s not all bad. Fall and winter started growing on me. I like fall and winter outfits. Lots of layers, long-sleeve dresses, snuggly sweaters. Big cardigans, Uggs and high heeled boots, and scarfs (I love scarfs!) Red lipstick and dark colors. Christmas party dresses.

I also started to like fall and winter activities. Forest walks with Lin. Coffee-to-go orders the size of my head. Disney movies under blankets. Getting drunk at my work’s Christmas lunch (and pretending really hard that I am not) and ending up in my best friend’s bed eating chocolates. Good stuff.

I decided to compile a little list to remind myself of the lovely things I can do this fall and winter. Now, onto the Autumnified and Winter-minded Ideas and Activities:

  • Go for a walk in the forest nearby. Will either bring boyfriend, friend or a dog I’ll steal. Then tea at home, big socks on.
  • Bake a big pumpkin pie. And apple pie. And blue berry pie. Do a lot of baking, basically. It’s nice and warm in the kitchen and nothing says comfort than home made treats.
  • Have lunch with my mom at Lof Der Zoetheid. I’ve been dying to show her that place for months.
  • Recreating the perfect hot chocolate I had on a date at Cafe Demetres in London, Ontario. Gorgeous, rich, delicious. Or wait. I think that was the guy. The only way I could differ between my date and the hot chocolate were the little marshmallows on top of the latter.
  • Spend an entire day in bed watching the first season of Once Upon A time, because it is amazing. Bonus points if I can get Manfred to watch with me. Or at least nap while I watch.
  • Buy two big ass chunky sweaters to wear on cold days. And maybe a new scarf.
  • Spend an afternoon in the department store looking at all the cool kitchen stuff. Then go stare at dresses, gorgeous make-up and buy a cupcake*.
  • Get shit faced on champagne with my BFF.
  • Go out for a run when there is frost on the ground and trees. It may be cold but it’s always so pretty.
  • Invite my high school friends over for a long, leisurely dinner and drink cocktails after.
  • Take Manfred out for a great Italian dinner, go see a movie, and then cycle home while holding gloved hands.
  • Get a few goofy little holiday gifts for people that I love.
  • I love love love hooping but I don’t do it in this weather. So I’m going to wear warm but tight clothes, put on gloves and a beanie and take out my hoop for some much missed hooping in the park.
  • Go over to my parents’ place, have a really really really long bath while reading self help books and slathering myself in Ritual products.

The lack of Christmas enthusiasm might be noticeable; ย I love having dinner with my family ; the food and spending quality time with my loved ones, but other than that, not very Christmas minded. I am not a big fan of the songs or the trees or the crazy.ย Don’t be alarmed, recent studies have shown that I do have a soul.

Do you have any good Fall/Winter suggestions for me too? I’m already getting into it by lunching with Lin.ย Enjoy your Monday, cupcakes.

*…and maybe call Manfred to complain he isn’t rich enough yet.ย 

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  1. Leuke blog! Lof der Zoetheid in Rotterdam kende ik nog niet, terwijl het hier vlakbij is.
    En ook voor de Once Upon A Time-tip, ben erg benieuwd!

    Mijn winterfavo’s: warme, zachte sokken, dikke dekentjes, magnetronpantoffels (uitvinding van het jaar voor mij), middagen in de keuken doorbrengen en met een goed boek tegen de radiator aanzitten.
    Een lekkere bos of strandwandeling en dan opwarmen met warme choco of thee, vrienden of fam uitnodigen voor etentjes, en breien! Blijf je buiten meteen ook een beetje warm. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sounds like a plan! I’m gonna make a list to get the best out of winter as well, great idea! Maybe I’d add
    – make hot chocolate with real chocolate
    – knit your own scarf
    – have (vegan) stew
    – light candles
    – learn new intricate looking hairdos with braids (that are easy, only look intricate)