Allowing: A Helpful Quote & Metaphor.

I was reading Gabby Bernstein’s first book this weekend, called ‘Add More ~Ing To Your Life (a book review later this week). Whereas the entire book was better than I remembered from the first time, I read something so inherently awesome I couldn’t resist some premature sharing.

Background Story: Gabby is coaching this woman who is working with the Law of Attraction: trying to manifest a relationship. Like most of us, the woman gets a little impatient. Because you know, sometimes shit takes long. Is our Universal Delivery Man lost? Has the Universal Waiter or Waitress forgotten our order? No.

“She became incredibly impatient about when and how she was going to meet her man. This energy became a major block toward attracting. In the hopes of calming her down, I offered her a tool that would chill her out. I reminded her that the Universe is like her best girlfriend. I asked her if she would ever pressure any of her girlfriends to find her a boyfriend. She replied, “No.” Then I asked her whether her girlfriends wanted her to find true love, and ithey were truly out to help her. She said, “Of course they’re out to help me! They can’t wait for me to fall in love!” 

Then I went on to explain that the Universe was no different than any of her best friends. The Universe wants Jessica to fall in love and wants nothing more than for her to be happy. I suggested she connect with the Universe as if they were best friends who wanted to support one another’s desires. She dug this idea and it really helped her chill out.”

I dig this idea too! I’ve made it into my own metaphor. See, the Universe is your best friend and he/she is in the Universal Kitchen, cooking up a storm for you, creating a meal of all your Desires.

Now, are you going to tell your best friend exactly what to do from all the way in the living room? Are you going to demand specifics, complain about how long he/she is taking and take out your impatience on her/him? God, I hope not. If so, you really are one lousy dinner guest. So chill out. Sit back, relax, have a drink and entertain yourself while there is all this wonderful delicious stuff going on in the kitchen. You’ll get to that later.

In my head, the Universe is my Best Buddy Delivery Guy. I ask, he delivers and not just that: I always get more than I expect and he’s fucking friendly! I can tell he wants the best for me!  And you know what? If he arrives a little late with my packages, I still love him! He’s a nice dude, he means well and even if it may take a while, he always comes through for me. The Universal Delivery Guy is my homeboy.

When you know the Universe And Everything Else isn’t out to get you but out to help you, that makes it a whole lot easier to relax and let things come to you.  Worth a shot.

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