Self Help Book Parade: Add More ~Ing To Your Life!

Ahhhh. Add More ~Ing To Your Life…

Do you know how sometimes you shouldn’t read two books in a row by the same author? Because you’re going to be too ‘full’ still from the first book? AND compare a lot, so you won’t be able to enjoy the second book half as much as you could if you’d read it a couple of months later?

Yeah, me neither.

I do now, though.

After reading (and loving!) Spirit Junkie, I got all excited and ordered ‘Add More ~Ing To Your Life’. This is actually Gabrielle Bernstein’s first book, published 2 years before Spirit Junkie!

I tried to read it days after Spirit Junkie, and that sort of ruined the experience. It was a lot of the same stuff, and I liked Spirit Junkie better because of the autobiographical perspective.

However, with a few months between the books, I could appreciate ‘Add More ~Ing To Your Life’ on its own. It has a lot of excellent examples, tips and stories that make it a great self help book!

Discovery: After I had read Spirit Junkie on my iPad, I immediately ordered this one. I got mine from Book Depository. You can get your copy here* for 15.99! Ninja edit: It’s also on sale on Amazon here*!

Subjects: The book integrates both Gabby’s personal story as the stories of the women she coaches into a guide to become happier and more in sync with your inner self and “your ~Ing”. Your ~Ing is your highest self, the divine, Holy Spirit, the Universe. The more you connect to it, the more you will be living your purpose and your happiest life.

Gabby is honest, funny, friendly and wraps up everything in easy-to-follow guidelines that just may work for you.

Kookiness Scale (1-10): About a 7. She talks about the ~Ing, the Ego (which is the saboteur-part of us) and how it works against us, plus some Manifesting with the Law of Attraction. Gabby writes honestly and down-to-earth, so I think it’s pretty bearable. Even for the sceptics. But you gotta be an optimistic sceptic; if you’re too realistic this perspective is hard to stomach.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “The unhealed areas of your life are the Ego’s playground for nasty thoughts (the ego is the nasty voice of fear).
  • “Each conscious decision to change your life takes you one step closer to recondition your brain and change your life.”
  • “Today, you have two choices where forgiveness is concerned: One, continue to be angry and miserable or two, forgive, let go and be happy. Forgiveness leads to joy and peace of mind.”
  • “When you show yourself the Universe you’re ready for help, the energy inside you shifts.”
  • The Course [of Miracles] teaches us that five minutes spent in prayer or meditation with your inner guide in the morning will guarantee your thoughts will be aligned with love throughout the day. Know that your inner alignment will create miracles.”
  • “Enjoy the results of focusing your energy. As soon as you experience the feeling of co-creating your energy with The Universe, you will be inspired to do it all the time. Keep focusing.

You should read this book….

  • (Based on my personal experience: a few months after you read Spirit Junkie 😉 )
  • If you want to learn more about your “~ing” and how to work with it
  • If you want to learn more about the ego, how it works and how you can make sure it will not rule your behavior any longer
  • If you want to read about lots of experience on how women improved their well-being, happiness and calmth.

 Self Help Hipster Stamp of Approval: Most def. Excellent read with lot of personal experience involved, with lots of helpful tools and recommendations. Enjoy!

*Affiliate links: I provide a review and links for you to buy the book, if you buy it through my link I get a small percentage! 

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