The Bikram Principles – In Life

Although I don’t practice as rigourously and religiously as I used to, Bikram Yoga is still near and dear to my heart. I go about two or three times a months still and I learn something new about myself, about […]

Bikram Yoga Roma Studio Review

If you are up for a little hike after you’ve visited the Saint Peter church, you can find the Bikram Yoga Roma yoga studio on the side of an apartment complex on Via del Aurelia. It’s a bit out of your […]

Yoga Studio Review: Bikram Yoga Schonbrunn

On my last day in Vienna, I jumped (okay ‘jumped’ might be overstating things) out of bed to go to the last Bikram Yoga studio on my Must Visit in Vienna List. (Yes, this was the studio I was ACTUALLY […]

Studio Review: Bikram Yoga Wien Schottenring

Fun fact: There are two Bikram yoga studios in Vienna that have a S in their location name. Which is how I ended up going to the wrong one, causing the girl behind the counter to panic and me being slightly […]

Yoga Studio Review: Bikram Yoga Loft Vienna

When planning my citytrip to Vienna, first thing I did was Google Bikram yoga studios. Whenever I’m visiting a new place I like to check out the local Bikram Yoga studio. To get my exercise in, to get more zen […]

Why Bikram Yoga Works (For Me)

  Illustration by the magnificent Mary Josie.  Even though I am trying out some new forms of exercise and have consciously taken a break from my intense (desire to) practice, Bikram Yoga is still home. I think to some extent it always […]

Yoga Studio Review: Yoga Bikram Paris

When in Paris, I thought it would be fun to check out the Bikram Yoga studio there. After all, it’s nice to see a new place, Lin is no stranger to Bikram yoga either and doing that 90-minute grueling work-out meant […]

Bikram Yoga Budapest (EN & HU)

I really enjoyed taking a Bikram Yoga class in Berlin. Therefore, angel face reader, I got all pink and excited when Manfriend and I took to Budapest and I learnt there was a Bikram Studio there too. On Astoria Square, almost […]

Bikram Yoga In Berlin: Sun Yoga Studio

  Wherever you go across the globe, whatever studio you enter, this is what happens when you take a Bikram Yoga class: You sweat, you die. Afterwards you feel great. I like it. It’s the same in every country*. When […]

Baby’s First Bikram Class: A Guide with Tips.

This is basically a remake of the old blog I wrote about this; helping you after that faithful moment you decide to take your first Bikram Class. Some things to keep in mind and how to take the best care […]

Doing A Double Bikram Yoga Class: Some Tips.

In case you’re new here (Hi!), I am a yoga student. Someone who practices yoga. I’d call myself a yogi if I only didn’t associate it with double-jointed Indian men with beards and terrifyingly good postures. I feel the term […]

In Soreness And In Health: Why I Do Bikram Yoga.

During the summer of ’11 I made the big ass mistake of forsaking my Bikram Yoga practice for more than a month: I had a two-week holiday in France, came back, created the biggest mental mindfuck ever (I’m really good […]