Balanzs Chakra Workshop

Two week ago, after brunch at Crunch (don’t order the scrambled eggs) and cava at Clarence*, Lin and I towed through cold The Hague to the Balanzs Chakra Workshop. The Balanzs yoga studios (The Hague and Rotterdam) are nice and […]

The Art Of Setting Intentions

I think it’s good to be stubborn and headstrong when it comes to your mindset and how you intend to live your life. Especially if you can do it without obnoxious about it, this relisience and determination can be really […]

Law of Attraction & Realism.

Sometimes when you work with the Law of Attraction you can do everything right and it still won’t work. You visualize until your mind’s eye starts spinning, construct the perfect phrasings and convey the right emotions like you’re working in […]