50 Days Until 2016 Workbook for Charity

50T2016 preview

Four days already into 50 Days Until 2016, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with the last 50 days of the year, and I didn’t really have/take the time to make my mind up about it either. I had shit to do.

Then the terrorist attacks in Paris happened.

These attacks put you face to face with the world and all its problems. The world sucks. For a lot of people in the world, surviving is not just making it through the day, it literally means not dying.

I know that these fluffy little booklets I make don’t fix any world problems.

But if they make you, my readers, a teeny tiny bit happier? They do add something to the world.

And if you’re willing to pay for that, I am willing to use that money for good too.

Just like last year for The Girl Effect, proceeds of this workbook go to charity.

This year, all proceeds of the 50T2016’s e-book are going to Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland, to help the refugees from Syria who are currently in the Netherlands, who have already been through so much, and who deserve our help in this difficult time.

This terrible situation will only make things harder for them too, and regardless of whatever happens next, they deserve help and support.

It’s Pay What You Want if you want to donate more, but starts at 5$. Every little bit helps.

The ebook is roughly the same as last year but:

  • Updated in terms of style and dates. Stylewise it was a bit of an improv game, but I did want to update the pics too.
  • One new assignment in the 50 days.
  • Edited in terms of content: I had to edit a bunch of stuff to fit my current life (I deleted like 12 mentions of Will and some no longer relevant pop-culture reference), and I saw some shitty typos and other elements that made me go “I’M A SHIT WRITER HOW DID THIS HAPPEN WHERE IS THE BOOZE”

It’s not new content or super fresh looking, but if you want to do an updated version of the 50 Days Until 2016 and donate to charity: Two birds, one stone, the works.

EDIT NOV 24th 2015: Passed first 100 euros worth of proceeds! Have been donated to Vluchtelingenwerk!


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  1. You’re an angel! This is such a good idea. I feel a little bit bad that I haven’t read your 50 days until 2015 workbook, so I might start reading that one first.

  2. Heel veel karmapunten voor de link met VluchtelingenWerk Nederland!
    Het is je natuurlijk helemaal niet te doen om karmapunten, maar ik wilde deze ontzettend fictieve units toch even genoemd hebben.