5 Fun Feel Good Monday Tips!

1. Make a ‘Me’ Word Cloud. Sometimes it’s real easy to lose track of what you’re made of and what’s important to you, like when you’re stressed or freaked out or really busy. A fun and simple way to get back to that is by making a visual representation of words that mean a lot to you: Words that remind you of your life and the things you love in it. Bring the amazingness back in it by making the word-cloud.

2. Channel who you want to be. This is something important I was reminded of by Desi a little while ago. I really like her blog, she’s currently running a series on better eating that is worth checking out. Something really powerful she wrote was this, about being who you want to be and truly challenging that throughout the day. I decided I don’t want to think of it as pretending, but as channeling. After all, it’s not really pretending; that desire for wanting to be this is already inside you too. So: Channel what you want to be today. The confidence, the body, the guts, the brains, the whole package of who you want to be. It will feel good, and it will do you good!


3. A new Jessica Mullen worksheet! I don’t do Christmas presents but when she put this one up on Christmas morning, I did feel like a kid on Christmas morning! It is really really good: Unique and fun like all her worksheets and all inclusive. Very nice to do!

4. 10 Things List. This might seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes we forget the things we need to do to function at our optimal level, to be in the best flow. By writing them down and making sure you do at least a couple of them per day, you ensure you stay feeling and doing your best. These are mine, for example, and I incorporate them n my life as much as I can!


5. 20-ways trick. “A simple yet powerful idea I learned from Earl Nightingale is to grab a blank piece of paper (or a blank computer screen) and brainstorm a list of 20 ways to improve. You can write down anything — ways to increase your income, improve your health, better your relationships, etc. The focus is on generating ideas to make your life better.” – Steve Pavlina.  I love this, and this technique forces you to go beyond your usual ideas into a more creative out-of-the-box place. Give it a try, see where it takes you!

Have a happy Monday you guys, and let me know if you have some tips for me!

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  1. The 20-ways trick is such a good idea. Also, I can’t even express how thankful I am for introducing me to Jessica Mullen’s website. I love her worksheets, such amazing tools. #2 is also great

  2. Thanks for your VERY inspiring post!
    I’m struggling quite a lot recently with ‘what to do and whom to be’ questions lately and the tips you mention feel so supportive. Really nice!