2013 Revolutions: Give Power To The Right Part.

A memorable trick I picked up from Steve Pavlina’s website is shifting your personal power to your ‘better’ side. Hold onto your hats.

For example, we tend to think on the one hand “Oh, I want to exercise.” and on the other we think “Meh, I’ll stay on the couch tonight.”

 But what part of us do we identify ourselves with? Is it the one who wants to stay in or the part that wants to go get sweaty? A combination of experience (if you used to be a couch potato) and low self-esteem will most likely have you identifying yourself as the “Meh, couch”-part. While in the mean time, the “Oh, exercise!”-part is totally you too! You’re just as much the person who wanted to exercise as the person who wanted to stay in!

So why not choose who you want to identify yourself with? Why not deciding that this “Oh, exercise!”-part is the more important and more powerful part of you?

I have two sides too. There’s the “yay, yoga” and the “ugh, yoga” side. “Yay-Yoga” is always psyched to get into a yoga class. “Ugh-Yoga” is the part of me that still can’t believe I work out for an hour-and-a-half almost every day.

“Yay-Yoga”-me has gained a lot of power over the past year. “Yay-Yoga” is pretty much running for president in my head –and winning.

Because I started asking myself: Which part is most me? Which part do I want to be most me? What is the aspect that I want to really be? What side would I like to be the strongest?

“Ugh-Yoga”-me now is pretty much just a lawn gnome in the back of my head who occasionally squeaks but who has relatively little actual power over what I do. And of course, sometimes I get distracted and Ugh-Yoga takes the wheel. But after a few days, my sanity usually comes back: I tell “Ugh-Yoga” to sit its stupid ass back down and I hand over the wheel to “Yay-Yoga”: The real me.

There’s power in your decisions. Whenever you’re having some inner debate on whether or not you want to do something, decide which part you want to be the most powerful within you. The moment you do this, shift the power to that part of you that wants to exercise, that side of you that wants to read instead of mindlessly browse the Internet, the part of you that wants a clean house instead of the part that wants to be lazy? Big moment. You basically ignite that side of you with that power you give it. Next thing you know you’re in the gym, reading a book and cleaning the kitchen.

So acknowledge that part of you that wants to change, that wants more and that wants to reach goals more than you do the other part. It’s just as more important and it is also who you are. So work with that.

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