2 Weeks After Reiki: Things That Are Different

After getting your Reiki 1, you basically have spiritual homework: If you really want to know what Reiki can do for you, it’s best to give yourself a Reiki treatment every single day. I honestly don’t think there is any homework more awesome than this: It makes you feel lovely, it’s super-relaxing and it’s easily done before you go to sleep. Bad news is that it’s sometimes so relaxing I fall asleep halfway through, but I have made it a habit to sleepily continue whenever I wake up until I’m finished.

Like I said before, after the course I felt different and the same at the same time – which is an odd sensation. That faded away; I guess I got used to it after the adjustment period but there are now some new things I’ve been noticing. These are the most prominent ones:

  • I sleep incredibly well and deep, which is great: I am super rested with super-vivid dreaming. I remember all my dreams now. The last week I dreamt a lot about butterflies, night moths and cocoons, it was very pretty.
  • I was always a big fan of radical honesty, and now even more so. Whereas I can usually let things slide, I now speak my mind also when I disagree (I don’t like confrontation). For example, I heard an ex-coworker complain to her friends about the way things are run at work, and I didn’t even think twice: I said “Excuse me” and pointed out that she hadn’t been exactly the easiest to work with either. It was awkward because it was true.
  • I’m more sensitive to food. Bad dietary choices affect my energy within the hour and hit me quite a bit harder than they used to. I’ve upped my green juice, salad and fruit intake, try to drink a lot of water and basically try to take good care of myself in general; the stakes seem higher.
  • I’m also more sensitive to people in my life. If we were close and I love you, I now love you even more and I feel like a Puppy In A Blanket whenever we’re together. If you are not my Puppy In A Blanket Person, I either find you tolerable or feel resistance. Life’s too short. I want to spend most of my time with the Puppy In A Blanket People and I’m sure that if you’e not my Puppy-person, I am not yours either, so you might as well go find your own. I’m not trying to be mean, I just don’t beat around any bush.
  • I wish I could say this without sounding just plain obnoxious and weird, but it’s safe to say that ship has sailed: Things in general are just a little prettier. Nothing major, just there’s an extra something to it. I notice it in Sunlight (oh God, stop it), music (barf) and flowers (hurl) most, lately.

However, with all this lovely stuff going on, the bad news is I might be getting sick again. I’ve been awake since three with a shit fever and a headache that’s tripling in size every thirty minutes, so I hope I can nip it in the bud before tomorrow. Have a lovely Sunday.

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  1. Interesting! I’ve been thinking about trying reiki for quite some time, but i’m not sure i like te fact that it makes you more sensitive to things… I am quite sensitive already, and i just would looove to have less of that actually..
    Anyway, Thanks for the article! I love your writing.

    Get wel soon!!