18 Days Until 2014: 32/50

I know I am a very privileged young woman.

…Hold up, that makes me sound like a high-born Victorian girl who has to marry a duke.

Let me start over.

Ahem. I know I am very fortunate. For TONS of reasons but a very big one is that I have always very much enjoyed my different jobs, and working in general.

What I do is a labor of love. This goes for both my real job and my website. My website is not my job (if it were I really need to renegotiate my salary) but I still consider it a…responsibility of sorts.

Point is, I do both out of love.

I love what I do in my real job. I enjoy it, I’m good at it and I genuinely feel lucky that I get to do it. My job combines psychology (my field), teaching (my interest), academics (my appreciation) and helping or guiding students (my talent). I love my students, my coworkers and the institute.

I am a devoted worker. Sure, sometimes I have a meeting I don’t particularly enjoy, tons of papers to grade or I can’t connect with a student, but that’s maybe 10% of work to me and doesn’t change I love my job 100%.

I hinted at something to celebrate in this article. I am very happy to announce that this reason to celebrate was that I got a new position where I work.


Leaving my part-time job as a tutor for the Dutch psychology department, I am going to be a full-time academic teacher at the International Bachelor Psychology Program of the university. This program starts in September 2014 and I will be relentlessly working behind the scenes so things will run as smoothly as possible. I’m STOKED for it to start and feel incredibly lucky for this opportunity.

I also work on my blog, e-books and workshops with love. The art of writing has my heart. I love inspiring and helping other people, and self help books were always a hobby anyway. Additionally, the love for my readers makes me reach out to them and write a little extra.

What I do isn’t forced or a necessity. I enjoy it very much.

But I am human, sometimes I feel resistance to working or writing.

The trick here, I believe, is to reconnect with the love you have for what you do.

So I’m going to be focusing on that today. The love I have for working, he love I have for the things that I’m doing or that I’m striving to be doing.

I’m starting early on some stuff I have to do next year. Out of love. I’m going to write and edit the last bits of the e-book*, with love. Laboring out of love, all day.


I encourage you to join me. Reconnect with why you enjoy your job or your study. Make your working day, your day at school, your classes of at home studying a tribute to that, a labor of love. Behave from there.

I hope you have a lovely Friday, talk to you soon.

*I wanted to finish it WAY earlier but a combination of my own perfectionism, the procedure for my new job and writer’s block got in the way. Obviously I now have to make it extra awesome to make up for the delay (PRESSURE.) No worries though. Kicking ass and taking names while on coffee!

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  1. Congratulations!! It sounds amazing 🙂

    Have to study for my finals all day, so this assignment comes in handy! Will try to feel the love for my study 🙂

  2. Congrats on your new job! It sounds really cool, you really deserve it! (I know don’t know you in person but from what I can tell from your blog you really worked towards a job like this 🙂 )

    1. Thank you so much, Judith – I have always loved my job and made sure it showed in the results, so I plan to do exactly the same in the new position. Thanks for your sweet comment!

    1. Ah dude, that’s such a sweet thing to say. If you want to be taught by me you know where to go: Workshops, or the university. 😉

  3. Wauw, heel gaaf, gefeliciteerd! Ik wil later ook zulk werk (maar dan bij geschiedenis) dus ik vind het echt leuk om te lezen dat je er zo enthousiast over bent.

  4. Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe baan! Wat leuk!
    Ik vind het wel een lastige opdracht, omdat ik mijn opleiding niet bijzonder leuk vind en mijn kansen op werk zijn klein, dus ik kan niet kritisch zijn. Maar ik probeer er altijd wel het beste van te maken.