Ik ben er weer/nog: Update!

Het liefst zou ik nu doen alsof ik niet ANDERHALF jaar lang deze blog heb verwaarloosd en niet al een jaar van plan was om daar verandering in te brengen. Het liefst zou ik doen alsof ik hier ALTIJD al […]

Lessons From ‘Behind The Try’

Since venturing out on their own, The Try Guys have done so much, so well…and now they made a documentary about it. I watched it and was incredibly inspired. Just like with their book, there are lessons from Behind The […]

Pomodoro Revisited

Broken record, I know, but I can’t ever stop talking about how important and life changing the adapting of the Pomodoro technique has become to me. The Pomodoro technique is why my relationship with time is so good and functional, […]

You Gotta Make Time, Because Time Makes You

There’s all these sayings and expressions and colloquialisms on time and its quick passing. We’re always saying things like “oh, how time flies!” and “blink your eyes twice and you’re a year older!” We say all these things to signal […]