It Takes A Village, And It Takes you

A few weeks ago I sat in the Volkshotel lobby on a rainy Tuesday. I had gotten to Amsterdam at 9, recorded a podcast that morning about social pressure, together with Anouk (who blogs here!) and host Krista Arrïens (whose […]

Keep Sowing, Keep Sowing

A couple of weeks ago my workout buddy and great photographer Tess Fluit wrote an Instagram post about her process as an entrepreneur and opportunities. The last line of her post was: “Zaaien en oogsten. Het is een eindeloos proces.” […]

It’s Time To Stop Being Too Cool For School

In one of her books, Jen Sincero writes about a concept I am (unfortunately) very familiar with: Being too cool for School. What Jen means by this is the resistance towards tried-and-true methods, towards expressing certain desires or goals. You […]

Sometimes it’s time to do the work

My friend Rocher, when he was finishing his Master thesis, biked to the university library Monday to Friday and sat there from 8:30 AM to 04:30. Not surprisingly, as everyone else started falling behind he was actually ahead of schedule: […]