When To Say ‘Fuck You’ To Your Goals.

As stated in this post, I had the ‘brilliant’ idea to eat raw food until dinner for four days out of seven a week. It’s not necessarily a bad goal, it’s just that I noticed it didn’t work for me at all. I’ve tried my hand at it for a day and it made me horribly depressed. And when something depresses me, I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be doing it.

It’s not that raw food depresses me. Raw food is awesome. Salads, juices, weird funny looking crackers and raw cacao desserts: Be still my heart. But, me telling myself I can’t eat something? That is a strategy I’ve used well in my teenage years and believe you me, that did not work out very well. We should not do it again. Because…it’s depressing.

It was the restrictive and limiting idea of this goal that made me cranky. It made me unhappy to know I would have to have 4 days out of 7 when I wanted to have a sandwich or a nice soup for lunch, I wouldn’t be able to. 4 days out of 7 to opt out of an offered brownie? Boo! I don’t want to do that!

I didn’t make me happy to know that I’d have to skip on a lot of the things I like every once in a while, just because it’d be my Raw-Until-Dinner day. It felt wrong. It didn’t make me happy. And things that don’t make me happy? I do as little of those as possible.

I eat what I want and what I’m in the mood for. I bet there will be plenty of days where I’ll eat raw food all day, just because I feel like it and because it makes me happy. But it’s not going to be obligatory or something to check off my list. I’m going to do it because I want to.

There’s nothing wrong with a little Spartan Warriorism in your goal setting. But it should always be the type of Spartan Warriorism that makes you want to pound your chest and scream all proudly, that makes you feel all tingly and excited of ‘what a kick-ass, exciting goal’.

It should not be the type where you feel like you have to stand in row and feel unhappy while fighting the other bare-chested Spartans while you’d much rather be out painting the abs on Gerard Butler. Goals don’t make you feel depressed, that don’t excite you and make you curious and happy? Those are the wrong goals.

So I impolitely told this goal to go fuck itself. I made a wholegrain bagel with avocado, had a latte and it was AWESOME. I have felt great ever since.

Written by SHH