SHH Loves Loos: 25th Birthday Loos Rotterdam.


I have a million things about Rotterdam that I love. The industrial buildings mixed with old architecture, big deserted factories and booming skyscrapers. The university and the beautiful bike ride past Kralingse Plas on my way there. Our beautiful neighborhood: urban influence meets 1930’s houses meets family friendly blocks.

Additionally, Rotterdam has so many nice places to have breakfast, lunch, drinks or dinner. I am the opposite of an expert or an elitist (I love having coffee at the HEMA and the tuna salad sandwich at La Place…), but I do appreciate good establishments. I enjoy a cosy place for coffee, a big plate of Italian food in a beautiful restaurant or a big-ass lunch at a leisurely place. While some places come and go, something that has been in Rotterdam for 25 years now…is Loos.

Situated in one of the (if not THE) prettiest neighborhoods of Rotterdam, Loos is a grand cafe restaurant that’s been there for 25 years. It’s very close to my yoga studio so I have been there for coffee and lunch a few times. In summer, my boyfriend goes there occasionally for drink with friends; when the sun is out it’s great to sit outside, overlooking at the small harbor across the street. I had never been there for dinner before last night, but now that I have? Already plotting to return.

Because I am such a hip and cool happening blog person I know Lin, I was invited to their Bloggers’ Dinner, celebrating Loos’ 25th Birthday. I met a whole bunch of pretty women who either blog or work in PR, seeing some new faces and finally meeting Marieke and Jolien! While chatting with my table mates and drinking wine, I enjoyed the wonderful food we were served .

Take a look at this little selection of what we were served.


First course: Coquilles with fancy ham (don’t remember which kind, please excuse the self help blogger trying to figure out food) and sage.


Green leaved salad with cucumber, marinated tuna -fresh and so delicious- and wasabi mayonaise.

Not pictured: A wonderful gazpacho with sundried tomatoes served with delicious little bread loafs, as well as a bloodwurst with beet and apple. Slight panic ensued at discovering I had no images for you to feast your eyes on (pictures made by Lin or by me using Lin’s camera). I calmed down once I realized you’re probably still drooling over the first few food pictures and/or confused why I am writing about this in the first place*.

(Further panic ensued when I looked at the pictures and realized I forgot almost everything the -very patient and pleasant- chef told me about the foods, except that it were all great classic dishes that I found out tasted amazing.)


Main course: Sea bass with spaghetti, all sorts of veggies and sea weed. I love anything with sea weed (except cupcakes, although I’d be willing to try it) so this was lovely.


Quiche with summer vegetables and a chutney.


OH THE FRIES. OH THE MAYONAISE. Also, salad. Excuse me for not being as excited about that (even though the dressing was nice) BUT SERIOUSLY THE FRIES.


Spaghetti with vongole, parsley and other herbs. Perf.


Lamb. Look, as a former vegetarian, I am still quite ashamed to say that I love the taste of one of the cutest baby animals alive but honesty bids me to tell you that I had bites of this and it was truly exquisite.


Dessert: Regular, pistache and tiramisu creme brulee. I am now OBSESSED with it. Any volunteers to go to dinner with me and have a gallon of this for dessert?


Strawberry mousse with berries, mint and strawberries soaked in vodka (great party idea).


Take a look for yourself at these cute little treats! The chef told us that this is something guests can order if they’re too full for dessert but still want to have something sweet. What a great -and tasty- solution!


The official birthday cake in honor of Loos’ 25th Birthday!

It is really soft and creamy and oh God I really cannot remember what is in it it’s green tea flavored!. It’s made by de Koekela so come on, how could it be anything but divine. (Answer: it can’t be so why am I even bringing this up).


Me being very excited over eating dessert. Also, Lin: Might look good enough to eat but not suitable for consumption.

Thank you Loos and Miss Publicity for having me. Loos, happy birthday and I think of you when I think of a great place to eat in the prettiest heart of Rotterdam.

Now for my readers, if you actually want to read something useful about the food Loos serves like ingredients and/or accurate descriptions, I highly recommend the blogs by Lin, Marieke and Jolien!

*It’s a great restaurant, I had a good time and THEY GAVE ME YUMMY FOOD, ok? Will blog for food. 

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  1. Zo knap hoe jij zo leuk kunt schrijven in het Engels! (Sorry, deze comment moet toch echt in het Nederlands, want ik kan dat dus niet… ;))

    Was superleuk je te ontmoeten! Hopelijk tot snel! X

  2. Wat een leuke blog over iets wat je hebt gekregen om erover te bloggen! Meestal houd ik niet van gesponsorde blogs maar je bent eerlijk over wat erachter zit en grappig, tof.