Use ALL the time!

Everyone is always short on time.

“I’m so busy!”, “I don’t have time for that!” and “My schedule is so full!” and so on and so forth. The cliche is definitely true: Time flies.

Your time will leave you quicker than you will ever want it to.

What most people fail to notice though, that all time is valuable. Even the half hour between appointments, the hour you have between work and going out for dinner, the times you wait, the times you travel: All that time matters too. All that time should matter too.

Because life is made of time. Your days are made of time. And so much of your time, so many of your minutes are wasted on stuff like waiting, on sloshing through tasks you may not like, on procrastinating and the “I’ll do that later”-attitude.

That adds up to so much wasted time Such a shame. So I decided that I would try out a little experiment I call ‘Use ALL the Time’ in my head (loosely based on Hyperbole And A Half’s: Clean ALL The Things!): I am now trying to do as much as I can in whatever time is available to me at that particular point during the day. Whether it’s productive stuff or relaxing stuff, I’m just going to use the time I have at that moment to my maximum ability.

For instance, I was at work and my class finished early. I would normally have a two-hour long break until the next one, that I would fill with talking to my colleagues and browsing the Internet. But let’s be serious, I could do so much more with that time. Changing it up, I now had a 15-minute lunch in our breakroom with said colleagues, then I printed out assignments for me to grade, got a cup of tea and went downstairs to my classroom. Without the distractions of fun co-workers and the Interwebz, I graded the assignments in half an hour and used the rest of the time to write. By using the time I had at hand immediately, I automatically freed up my evening for other activities.

Similarly, when I came home from work I still had 45 minutes until I was supposed to meet a friend for dinner downtown. I could have ploffed down on the couch and browsed Tumblr until it was time to leave (and believe me, I usually do). Now I cleaned some dishes left from breakfast with the boyfriend, folded some laundry and sent a few important emails.

I now use this technique all the time when I have breaks between classes at work. I sit in my classroom and I write or I read a book on my iPad. I drink tea and occasionally do a few yoga poses or stretch my legs in the hallway. By using all this time I manage to crank out 6 blog posts, read a third of a Game of Thrones and drink a liter of Jasmine Tea.

It’s my new favorite time effectivity technique. I am simply going to use all the time I have available to me during my day, no matter what. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I will use my time. I believe that it’s the best technique to live you life fully: use all your time. 

(Psssh: If you need ideas on how to fill time, click here!) 

Written by SHH