The Self Help Summer School: Enroll now!

Quick Announcement No. 1: Self Help Summer School of 2012 has filled up! I’m no longer taking submissions. But don’t hang your head! Rest assured there’ll be a next one you can race towards to sign up when the time comes!

Quick Announcement No. 2: I’ll be alerting the Full Scholarship & the Half-Price Scholarship winners on Friday!

It has been a great year. Yesterday was my final day with my dear, dear Psychology students: I felt more sentimental than I care to admit. They were simply awesome, and I am going to miss them. More than that, I was going to miss teaching so, so much! I didn’t want to not-teach for the upcoming two months. Which is why: I decided to not not-teach for the upcoming two months. You feel me?

Anyone who is in school or college: Now that you’ve got some more free time on your hands, how about doing something meaningful, inspiring and fun the upcoming month? Something that focused on you and how your life can become even more spectacular?

Those of you who work, why not boost yourself with some additional fun, inspiration to your everyday life? A reminder everyday of really taking care of yourself on deeper levels, plus fun ideas and ways you can use for growth and self-development?

I’m going to be offering a unique, never-seen-before, limited seat, completely Self Help Hipster-approved Course for the entire month of July. Four full weeks of my undivided attention for a maximum of 20 people for the first Self Help Summer School ever.

What will the course entail:

  • Unique content specifically written for this course by me each week. It will not be featured on the website and it will  contain everything I have to offer: Spiritual uplifting, thoughts for motivation, information and knowledge about self-development and slightly inappropriate jokes here and there.
  • Assignments specifically designed to fit. We’re all unique people with different lives who want to work on different areas, so I intend to make that a part of the curriculum on top of the general assignments.
  • Individual feedback and your preferences taken in mind. You can take this as more of a relaxed, read-only type course or you can pretend I’m your super-strict Russian Coach when it comes to Self Help. Whatever you prefer, I’m fine with. And whenever you hand in your assignments, I will give you feedback and extra tips: The more work you put into the course, the more I am going to put into it for you.
  • Sneak peeks of my upcoming e-books. Just for this one, you should join.
  • You’ll receive the content, the assignments and my feedback on Mondays and Fridays. Something to look forward to both before and after the weekend!
  • Personal contact. I’ll be available on Skype certain hours where we can talk or videochat if you have any questions or need some advice. I promise lots of love and support, goofing around but taking you seriously and a zero-bullshit tolerance.
  • Personal contact. IN REAL LIFE. I’ll be at an easily accessible location in Rotterdam or The Hague each week for a four-hour period where you can simply drop in and talk to me. When I met Essia, she wrote me afterwards how she was extra inspired after meeting me in person. I don’t know if that goes for anyone, but even if it doesn’t I’m still kind of nice and easy to talk to. You can ask me anything and even if you just want to come over and have a chat: will be fun! 
  • Self Development in general, and how you would like to work on that in your own life. I’ll be drafting up general content to help you figure out what you want, what you’d like to be and what things you’d like to learn and develop to become the best you could possibly be. We can delve deeper when we work on your specifics with individual assignments.
  • Health. Because the war between brownies and green juce is still raging, while we could live at peace with both. I’d like to include this area and help you on your journey towards a healthy lifestyle with the foods you love to eat and the exercise you love to do. Keywords here are balance, experience and forgiveness.
  • And of course…the Law of Attraction. I intend to train you into little Law of Attraction Athletes this month with exercises, theory and lots of tips and tricks!

Now, I really wanted to keep it affordable and I think that I did. I know I have plenty of younger readers too and some of you might be reluctant to pay for my material. So think about this: I’ll basically be working for you for a less than 10 euros a week.

For this fee, I’m going to be delivering you special content, helping you and giving you the utmost of my support and attention, both on-line as personal. This is a month of training and teaching by me: It costs you just as much as some one-day workshops cost you, how much an ASOS dress would set you back financially or what you would pay for two Moleskines in the bookstore.

I can promise you I’m worth it. More than that, I can promise you you’re worth it. If you think so too, send me an e-mail at so we can sign you up for a month of ultimate self-care and include you in the Summer School Class of 2012. (Obviously) I’m taking submissions until (and on) Sunday so we can all start together on Monday!

But…What about giving away two scholarschips? I am giving away one membership for free, and one with a 50%  discount, meaning it will only cost you 17,50 to enroll in Self Help Summer School this season! All you have to do is tell me in the comments why you would want to enroll in Self Help Summer School and I’ll announce the two winners on Sunday the 1st! (If you only want to win the free one, please state that in the comments too so I can include or exclude you for the 50% one!)

I’m very excited. Combining teaching with self-help is basically like Ben&Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream to me: Putting together two things I love more than anything else in the world to create something awesome. Hope to see you ‘in class’!

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  1. Oké, ik begin bijna te balen dat ik niet mee kan doen omdat ik in die periode op vakantie ben. Het klinkt super interessant, dus heel veel succes! Hopelijk komt er een volgende keer en kan ik dan wel meedoen.. 🙂

  2. Ja! JA! Ik doe mee!! Want: 1. ik vind het leuk. En 2. ik vind het leuk. En 3: supergezellig! En 4: juli begint de ramadan en dan kan ik vast wel wat Self Help gebruiken. OW YEAH I’M SO IN IT!

  3. Ik doe ook mee! Ik ga je NU een email sturen.
    Waarom ik mee wil doen? Omdat ik een zomer van 10 weken voor mij heb waarin ik tijd nuttig wil besteden en ik daarna een masterkeuze moet maken. Omdat ik ben begonnen met een gezonde leefstijl en ik dit dadelijk wil volhouden omdat ik dat WIL en niet omdat het van iets of iemand MOET.
    En omdat ik ontzettend benieuwd ben naar wat jij te bieden hebt!

  4. Hoera, doen we! Waarom? Omdat ik dan een reden heb om een nieuwe ASOS-jurk en twee nieuwe Moleskines te kopen. En omdat ik koffie wil drinken met de selfhelphipster, natuurlijk (met geld van Project Penny). En ook omdat ik steeds hier loop te F5-en of er alweer een nieuw stukkie op staat. En omdat ik houd van worksheets. Gaan we ook vingerverven, zoals op die laatste foto?

  5. Zo leuk! Helaas ben ik de hele maand juli op vakantie, anders had ik heel graag meegedaan. Veel plezier en succes in ieder geval, en hopelijk komt er snel een herhaling 🙂

  6. Wat super leuk! “Helaas” ben ik in die periode een week op vakantie en is m’n werkrooster nog niet bekend, maar ik weet zeker dat het heel leerzaam zal worden en hopelijk schrijf je er toch een beetje over zo dat de thuisblijvers toch een beetje mee kunnen genieten. 😉 Veel succes/plezier!

  7. How awesome! I would love to join but unfortunately I’ll be on holiday for half of the time. But if it fits next time, you can count me in!

  8. I emailed you about joining the course 😀 it seems like an awesome oppurtunity to to actually *do something* instead of just reading tons of selfhelp and spiritual books/websites. I would also like to apply for the scholarships (both the free and the half-price one) for the reasons I emailed you about.

  9. I’m definitely in. I’m interesting to hear about the scholarships. But I know there’s gonna be a fierce demand for them. How do I go about securing a place? I’ll pay if I’m not one of the lucky winners, as this sounds just what I need. Could you send me the info? And thanks for the piece on finding a job – I’ve not been about much and it was great.

    Ooops just read on. In that case, I’m happy to have a go at winning the half-price scholarship. Just a daft question – how do I secure my place at full price if I don’t win? I really don’t want to miss out!

  10. Ik heb je gemaild, ik wil heel graag meedoen.. Doen! doen! doen! Ik lees alleen maar, heel veel lezen, heel weinig doen. Juli is de perfecte maand om daar verandering in te brengen!

    Ik waag ook mijn kans voor een scholarship!

  11. Your works make me feel sparkly. I would love to learn more from you!
    Please enter me for the free scholarship only.

  12. Supertof dit! Ik heb je gemaild en ik hoop dat ik in aanmerking kom om gratis of voor de helft lid te worden. Ik ga straks met een nieuwe opleiding beginnen en ik wil de zomer goed benutten om echt aan mezelf te werken. Er zijn een hoop dingen die ik moet en wil veranderen aan mezelf.

  13. Jeej! Gemaild 😀 Ik zou het alleen wel super tof vinden je IRL een keertje te spreken in een weekend (if possible of course) want deze dame werkt fulltime deze zomer.

    Ik heb er zo’n zin in omdat ik nog bewuster gezonder wil gaan eten, weer wil gaan sporten en nog beter wil worden in het begrijpen en toepassen van de law of attraction. Daarnaast verslind ik je typwerk, dus kan ik niet wachten om meer te lezen!

  14. Geweldig!!! Ik ga je zo gelijk een mailtje sturen!

    Ik ben onlangs afgestudeerd, vertrek eind augustus naar het buitenland en als ik terug ben is het tijd om een “nieuw leven” te beginnen. Ik heb nu zoveel vrije tijd dat ik erg met mezelf bezig ben en welke kant ik op wil. Ik zal keuzes moeten gaan maken en ik denk dat jouw summer course me daar zeker bij kan helpen. Ik ben er op dit moment absoluut nog niet uit wat ik wil gaan doen na de zomer. Ook ben ik sinds 3 weken hard bezig met gezonde voeding en beweging. Ik voel me er zo goed bij en ben er veel mee bezig. Jouw summer course lijkt wel op mijn lijf geschreven! Super leuk dat je er ook nog een winactie aan vast maakt. I am in!

  15. Hello! I emailed you as well about this. SO STOKED you’re doing this! I have been a reader of your site for awhile now and am a big fan of your sensible yet dream-weaving approach to life. I am SO interested in EITHER ONE of your scholarships, so please consider this cat! 🙂 I would love to enroll in your class for a few reasons:
    1. Although I have been implementing LoA and positivity in my life for about a year now, I’m still a novice at manifesting. I find myself intimidated by the prospect and unsure of what to ask for, and that makes it harder to bring it around! I would love some one-on-one help with you to help clarify my intentions.
    2. I want to have a fruitful summer! I’ve set some good goals for my productivity this summer (read a book a week, exercise daily, more green smoothies, etc.) but I need some manifesting goals to set as well! I want to get started on my LIFE, babay!
    It’s all happening and I am beyond excited. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I will cross my fingers and toes that I get a scholarship! ;D

  16. Ik doe graag mee! Eigenlijk ben ik een ongelofelijke dromer, een tikkeltje zwerverig zelfs (mijn vriendje noemt me soms gekscherend ‘zweefteef’), maar door jouw website ben ik een stuk meer down to earth geworden. Ik bekijk dingen realistischer en minder dramatisch. Je cursus lijkt mij daarom een geweldige aanvulling op je website.

  17. Ik heb je zojuist gemaild in de hoop dat je nog plek hebt. Ik ga heel hard mijn best doen om alles ondanks een nieuwe baan mee te kunnen doen! Nadat ik de wet van de aantrekkingskracht heb gebruikt om mijn ideale baan te vinden ( en uiteindelijk te krijgen). Wil ik me heel graag in deze materie verdiepen. Deze course komt dus als geroepen en kan me hopelijk in de maand juli goed helpen met de grote stappen die ik ga nemen!( samenwonen én een nieuwe baan). Hopelijk kom ik in aanmerking voor de korting of de gratis course, hoewel ik sowieso wel mee doe!

  18. I’ll be away a lot and it looks like the spots are pretty much filled anyway, but I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines and I love your enthusiasm. This is so you, it’s perfect. You’re making it happen <3

    1. Eva just wrote what I basically wanted to say… I want to give you a lot of credits for making so much awesome stuff happen in your life 🙂 At least you practice what you preach!

      To all: have a lovely summer (course)!

  19. Ik heb je net gemaild en hoop dat er nog een plekje vrij is gezien alle reacties! Ik vind je blog heel erg inspirerend en heb al veel proberen toe te passen in mijn leven. In juli moet ik heel hard aan de slag voor mijn scriptie en daarnaast zou ik graag iets leuks willen doen zoals deze summer course 🙂

  20. Dear Self Help Hipster,

    Since I have discovered your blog, in the last month or so, it has been a force of good in my life. You have inspired me to take great steps forward; to move away from gossip and defeatism, and into a happy, disciplined lifestyle. There is a gratefulness journal on my bedside table and a cardboard envelope Treasure Chest beneath my desk. If your blog posts have gotten me that far in a few weeks, I can’t begin to imagine what your Summer School will do.

    I’m a twenty-three year old Masters student living in London, studying poetry. London may not be the most expensive city in the world (Oslo? New York?), but I have a suspicion it’s the most unaffordable one – meaning that only 70% of the people who live here can actually afford to live a regular daily life in these streets. Let it be known that I am not one of them.

    Neither am I one of the lucky birds who gets to vacation July away (don’t start feeling for me already, I’ll get my fill in August) – rather, I will spend every day getting up between 6 and 7 in the morning, writing poetry, working on, going to my unpaid internship at a philosophy magazine (the office is built in the basement, with no natural sunlight), and working on my Master’s dissertation (due in two months). So yes, if you were to give me scholarship for either the free or half-price option, that would be amazing. And I like to think, with all the work I do for free, that I deserve it.

    But I also know I am lucky. I get to spend the whole summer learning important skills, immersing myself in poetry, politics and knowledge. Not many people find themselves in such a luxurious position. I love it here, and I enjoy it so much – not in the least because, like Jesdiny, I have a new life looming at the horizon. In September I will move back to the Netherlands, without a home, without a job, and for the very first time in my life, without a plan.

    I think, hope and believe your Summer School will help to push me just a bit further in the right direction, to get closer to where I want to be – which is, writing, earning money, being healthy and centered. So that when I return to my home country, I wont’ have to feel all vulnerable and insecure – I’ll get to feel enthusiastic and prepared instead! I would love your guidance, and I can’t wait for Monday to start.

    Thank you for putting this together and all the very best,


  21. Cool! With all that has been going on in my life, I only got to read your amazing initiative just now, so I’m a bit tardy to all the excitement 🙁 I’ll be on the lookout for your next course, though. All the best of luck in the coming weeks, and enjoy!