The Art of Allowing.

When you really want something, you think about it a lot. Which is normal. It’s fine to want something and think about it with a positive attitude. But if  you start obsessing over it because you want it so much, clinging to it, forcing it in, that’s not very good. That’s counter effective.

You’re like a kid jumping up and down on the backseat, screaming “are we there yet?! Are we there yet?!” Your mom might have thought it was funny (for approximately three seconds and then she probably wanted to leave you at a gasway station), but it is a huge distraction to the Universe Delivery System! You gotta let them do their job, you gotta trust the system.

And that’s not always easy, especially not when you’re still a little inexperienced when it comes to the Law of Attraction. However, I got a little arsenal of tips for you that I use from time to time if I really can’t let something go.

  • Believe it’s on its way to you. Visualize a transport band with the package, stamped with your name, which contains what you’ve asked for. It’s on your way, now all you’ve got to do is wait. You may be anxious but you can still trust the Delivery System. You don’t call TNT up every hour if your mail is a little late?
  • Make a list of things you would do, think or feel once you’ve gotten what you wanted. What will be different from how your life is now? What will be different in your thoughts and behavior? Write down ‘Now that I weigh 120 pounds I feel/think/do…” or “Now that I’ve got my Masters’ Degree I feel/think/do” or “Now that I got a loving relationship I feel/think/do…”
  • Focus on something else completely. You’ve been obsessing over wanting a boyfriend? Go work on your health: Have  a smoothie and go to the gym. Think of how fit you want to be. You’ve been so attached to the outcome of a social event? Go read a book and work on your education/growth. Think of how smart you want to be. Change your focal point.
  • Let it go by doing something that gets you into The Now. Sometimes the easiest thing is just to go play a videogame, have a coffee and let your mind be completely occupied with either nothing or things of right now. Work on an assignment, see a friend, have a dance party in your bed room. Just do something that gets you into The Now. It’s nice in The Now!
  • Finally, what always helps me is realizing that if I fail to manifest something, this can only mean my path needs me for other things and purposes. Things and purposes more extravagant and suited for me. So if you don’t get what you thought you so wanted, this can only mean one thing: you’re going to get something even better later on. Keep that in mind. That takes a lot of the pressure off.

Personal Note: Thirty replies to the hard copy thing already. I bloody love you people. I’ll announce the three lucky readers next week. <3

Written by SHH