Apr 202012

Gala Darling is a blogger I’ve been following for years, and she’s been so great with her Radical Self Love posts and message all over the Internet. Her Ted Talk is wonderful: she’s very honest about her own personal journey from radical self loathing to Radical Self Love and I wanted to share her video with you, because it made an impact on me.

I know so many of you are out here thinking you’re not beautiful, being mean to yourselves and putting yourself down instead of building yourself up to greatness, so maybe this video will have a positive impact on you too. Because you are beautiful. And you should be loving and kind to yourself and build yourself up instead of tear yourself down.

Radical Self Love is where it’s at, lovelies. Listen to Gala’s lovely voice (Kiwi meets New York, so cute) and hear her message to you. Love yourself.

  3 Responses to “TedTalk: Gala Darling on Radical Self Love.”

  1. This one made me speechless. It’s not that she told anything new (and it all sounds so logic), but I really needed to hear this. Thanks!

  2. wow. great ted talk !

  3. […] there are a-thousand-and-one fantastic books, blogs, and speeches about how to love yourself better. Learning to be okay with who you are regardless of anyone […]

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