7 Different Ways To Practice Self Love.


Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. The day when single women put up extra selfies with hash tags #lovethesinglelife, when double as much douchebags go out to score (because some of the women in clubs are served up with an extra serving of desperation) and everyone in a relationship needs to be all cutesy and buy each other fluffy stuff.

…Can you tell how much I don’t give a shit?

What I want for Valentine’s Day is women having a healthy and happy relationship with themselves. So I’m writing this semi-Valentine’s Day post not so much because of the rose petals, moonlight and serenades, but because of self love.

Self love doesn’t mean you have to navigate through life in a pink bubble, that you have to buy yourself a million pair of shoes or that you can never allow anything negative to enter your mind. Although I’m not gonna stop you if those are the types of things YOU want to do in the name of self love.

Self love, real self love? Comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And take it from me, you can be a snarky piece of shit and still love the absolute fuck out of yourself.

Here are 7 ways to practice self love.

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Tips on Dealing With Your Inner Critic

We all have insecurities and doubts. About ourselves, our lives, what we are or aren’t able to do. These things are often voiced by our inner critics: That nagging feeling that you aren’t good enough. The voices you hear when something goes wrong that go “You see? You suck!”

On our good days we hear our inner critics occasionally, but not overwhelmingly so.  We can shake them off pretty easily. But on our more vulnerable days, these inner critics of ours seem to be on speed dial and speaker phone at the same time.

They are able to derail all of our hard work and our happiness with some inner snide commentary, parading our mistakes or flaws around.

I was in my own inner critics’ headlock for most of 2013.  Weeks (months) on end where I literally thought of EVERYTHING I am not good at or failed at in the past. My inner critics kept calling me out and giving me a hard time, about everything. It was like having multiple Sue Sylvesters in my head, but with less peroxide and hilarious one-liners.

Eventually I found my way out of their grip. During that time I  learnt a lot about myself AND my inner critics. Now we actually get along (most of the time anyway.)

And so can you. Here’s some tips on dealing with your inner critic.

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My opinion on the What’s Your Excuse discussion.


One of my Facebook friends posted this picture of these two women.

I thought everything about this picture is interesting. Most importantly, the idea of fitness and discipline versus body acceptance. In this discussion they are made out to be two separate things, but as you (hopefully) understand, the two are not actually mutually exclusive and actually go great together.

But I have a few opinions about the general ideas behind the “what’s your excuse” discussion that this picture stirred up. More below.

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Be Imperfect & Love Your Body Anyway.

I don’t have the best body in the world. Nor the most logically proportioned one. And yes, sometimes I think “ugh” and “can u not”. But I love it anyway. I mean, why the fuck not. I grew it myself I’ve had it for years And I’m going to be in it for as long as I’m alive. Might as well make the best of it. And making the best of it includes not being … Read more

Self acceptance = Self improvement.

Today, I met this girl who has a real problem. One that affects her life greatly. One that can be a huge obstacle in so many areas. But luckily, also one that can be overcome with some effort, training and time. I told her she should go get help. I told her about all the people who could help her, the directions she should go in, the things she could try. Her response to me … Read more