My Favorite Fall Foods.

FOREVER OBSESSED.  At even the SLIGHTEST mention of autumn and fall, everyone goes crazy. People start dusting off their pumpkin spice (overrated), get weirdly excited over layered outfits (ugh why) and the weather getting crispier (UGH WHY). While I am reluctantly saying goodbye to summer. By ‘reluctantly saying goodbye to summer’ I actually go a little bit like this: I mean, come on. Sunlight, high temperatures, simple outfits and salads all the time? Who would … Read more

Recipes: Pumpkin-Salmon Curry.

This might not be a life-changing post, but this self help junkie likes to cook and this recipe was so delicious I couldn’t resist but tweet the photo above. I was asked if I cared to share the recipe, which of course I do; I share because I care. This recipe contains a nice variety of spices, the benefits of coconut oil, pumpkin and wholegrain rice and the omega’s of fatty fish. This can serve … Read more