Personal: Ending And Starting A Relationship

I haven’t shared very personal things on the Internet for a while, because life is complicated and the Internet is mean.

But when I read Mary Josie‘s beautiful and honest story about her short and epic long distance relationship I was really touched. I thought it was brave, and beautiful, and it inspired me to share my own story:

Ending and starting a relationship within a period of 6 months.

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Yoga Festival Haarlem 2015 Report

Can I get a round of applause for dragging my sore, tired ass out of bed the day after my half marathon to go to this yoga festival?


What’s that?

I’m an entitled, privileged person who does not deserve needless admiration for making normal life decisions?

Yeah okay, fair enough.

For cool yoga, great food and cute as fuck yoga tights, click on.

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Self Help Hipster Does Hell Week: Day Six.

Day 6

I wake up at 05:00, look at my alarm and just turn around. It’s Saturday and I cannot be bothered. My alarm can go fuck itself today. Better luck tomorrow.

Today is one of the days of Hell Week to take for contemplation and relaxation, and thinking about Hell Week and its different themes, tasks and rules. So today is not so much a today diary (although I did go to yoga, eat healthy and was focused) but more of a general contemplation thing.

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