April’s Fool: Goals Recap.

Oh, how I love April and how I loved April of 2012. Now that the end of the month is near I figured I’d do a quick review on what I did and didn’t do. You can find the original goal list here.

  • I did read 3 books. Granted, it was the Hunger Games trilogy and holy-how can you not read those books instantly after the other, but I did read three books. I really enjoyed reading, it’s such a lovely refuge and great way to relax. However,if history tells us anything I will still go back to not reading because I’m kind of a dick like that. When will I learn?
  • Intouchables, Hunger Games…and hopefully I’m going to a movie with my boyfriend Saturday to save my Unlimited Movie pass. I secretly still love the idea of going to the movies whenever I damn well please. Now if only I’d really do it that’d be peachy. Two out of three, but I’m making it 3 before the end of the month. Promise.
  • I did the two back-to-back yoga classes. It always takes me some inner struggle to do it but once I’m over that I remember why it’s so amazing and why I want to do it. More double classes in May, that’s for sure.
  • I haven’t done the juice fast, actually! Bad, bad hipster! However, I did have a few Raw Food days where I ate raw food all day and something healthy (but cooked) for dinner. This I really, really liked. More on that in the May Goals!
  • Holy fucking shit. I published my first e-book. ‘Girl Meets Yoga’* happened and the responses have been so overwhelmingly positive. Everything that happened since has far exceeded my expectations, so I am thrilled and can’t believe it half of the time. I keep waiting for a creepy little man to jump out of the bushes and go like: “PSYCH! You’re on Punked and you actually SUCK!” True story. Nevertheless, thank you. I’m amazed.
  • Whereas it wasn’t an actual Month Goal, it was a Life Goal that happened: Got my tattoo. Very painful but exciting. (Click).

  • I did not go to yoga 5-6 classes a week. I think I managed 5 classes a week for the first two weeks. After that it was first finishing of the e-book, then I had a tattoo that’s not Bikram-Ready yet: all the sweating will have to wait until the tattoo is healed completely. Luckily, that moment is approaching rapidly and then I can go and establish my yoga practice as I’ve been wanting to for a while.
  • I think I blogged 6 days a week? I lost track. Let’s go with ‘yes’. Someday I will make it 7, but sometimes I really can’t think of anything and I feel like a cheerleader whose high kicks are really just uninspired little jumpies that make people feel uncomfortable.
  • Re spirituality & Law of Attraction: I started doing the worksheets again, did two or three every week. They’re so structured and work wonderfully for me. If you want to see them: Click!

  • I haven’t been upholding the 80 Healthy Foods vs 20% Spoil Foods for the entirety of April, but there has been a gradual improvement. Now that April’s almost over I drink coffee only twice a week (!!!), I eat more raw than ever and I feel it’s good for me. Definitely a move in the right direction.
  • Green juice every day: Check. Was easy because I already did it almost every day, but now it was every day. Green juice still epic. Nothing else to report.
  • 20 minutes a day to look nice…um, yeah: is 15 okay? I definitely care a little more about how I look and spend a little more time on appearance, but apparently I can do it really fast. Once I’ve found my mascara, at least.

And there you have it: my April. I can’t wait for May, it’s going to wonderful too, I just know it. This weekend I am meeting the editor of Magazijn (gorgeous!) for coffee, doing a shitload of grading for my teaching job and spending a night out dancing with Lin and our boyfriends. Great weekend to end this spectacular month.

*Want a hardcopy? Taking orders until Friday night, I am placing the order Saturday morning!