Self Help Summer School: The Works.

24 hours after putting up the notice, Self Help Summer School was sold out. Dude. I’m really not trying to fake humility here (because sometimes I’m just really full of myself) but I would have been happy with 3 people taking me up on my offer. Instead I booked a full class, with the majority Dutch but also three Belgian girls, one Canadian, one English rose and an all-American sweetheart! How cool is that?!

So the last week and a half have pretty much been all about writing content for them. I’ve also been Skyping, going through people’s “homework” and sending coaching e-mails. My favorite part is that I’ve also been having real-life meetings: I had lunch with one student on Wednesday in Rotterdam and on Saturday, 3 hours flew by as I was surrounded by 5 curious and excited women who had come to The Hague to meet me. Can’t tell you what that’s like; people actually traveling to come meet you and talk to you. I was very humbled.

We had a great time. I talked a lot (in my defense: only when provoked) but also listened a lot of the time. The girls were helping each other out wonderfully as well by sharing personal experiences and tips. I’ve always known you learn a great deal from your students while you’re teaching and this was no exception.

I’m very happy I chose to do this. Because whether it’s in a big or a small way, whether it’s a huge metamorphosis or just a few tiny changes in their lives, I have a positive effect on these women. The things I write for them, tell them and say to them; it has a positive influence. That’s such a kick-ass feeling.

I would have done it for 3, but I’m glad I got the chance to do it for a full house. Oh, and of course you can take a peek at the course material if you want:

Excerpt from Food Truths Week 1:

(Excerpt from the Law of Attraction Basics: Attitudes) 

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  1. I agree with Lin 100%.

    I love doing this class, love to see you glow when you’re teaching and talking to us. You say you’re proud of us, well lady, I am EXTREMELY proud of you!
    I’m humbled and thankful I get to be on this journey with you and everybody else. <3

  2. Ik kan echt heel blij worden van mensen die enthousiast zijn over wat ze doen, zoals jij 🙂 Je Summer School klinkt super interessant en inspirerend en leuk, ik doe niet mee omdat ik al bijna naar Malawi ga (vrijwilligerswerk met een groep van jongeren van mijn leeftijd, iets wat ik al heel lang wilde doen, woohoo) maar anders zou ik sowieso meegedaan hebben. Echt, ik vind je schrijfstijl en je ideeën super en dit is een beetje raar verwoord maar vat het maar op als een heel groot compliment! 🙂

    1. Wat tof dat je vrijwilligerswerk gaat doen en wat leuk om te horen – fijn dat je mijn blog leuk vind! Heel veel succes en plezier in Malawi!

  3. D’you know I’ve always believed that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I’ve always loved your blog; I like woo-hoo stuff but you put it into basic English, which is fabulous. I knew as soon as I saw the ad go that I needed to be a part of this. I have done other courses – but this without a doubt is the one that I’m getting the most from. Because I was ready for this end of.

    I wish I could be there to meet you all – but I’m in Blighty, unfortunately. I may be even the oldest on the course, not it that matters. I’ve decided I’m 26 and that’s where I’m staying, lol. But I wish I could convey what a difference this course is making and I’m glad I started it. Even if it’s digging up a few things that make me uncomfy – no-one said this would be easy, but as my Dad used say, that nothing worth having ever is easy. You start this and the changes are kind of addictive…

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Annie – I’m so glad you’re getting something out of it! Changes are addictive, so I hope you’ll become a Junkie just like so many! 😀

  4. Ik vertelde gisteren heel trots aan mijn vader dat je dit opgezet had en hoe cool ik het vond. Mijn vader vond het ontzettend inventief. EN VOLGENDE KEER DOE IK MEE!

  5. Ik had graag meegedaan aan je summer school, maar ik ben 2 weken op vakantie vanaf zondag. Ik vind het wel leuk dat ik het op deze manier via je site kan volgen. Ik vind het reuze interessant om te lezen allemaal en leuk om te zien dat je er zoveel plezier in hebt.

  6. Nog een trotse student hier. Ik ben blij dat ik de stap genomen heb en kijk uit om je te ontmoeten! Moet een feestje zijn!

    1. Zeker weten, ik denk een soort Back To School Self Help Something. Houd de website in de gaten!