Self Help Hipster Podcast Season 1 Finale: Ego is the Enemy!

Sup. The Self Help Hipster Podcast Season 1…

Is finished! We’re at the season finale! Party!


BOOK The book we review is ‘Ego is the Enemy’, written by Ryan Holiday! You can buy it here* as an e-book for 8.70€or for 12.74€ as a hardcover. Checking Book Depository* I found you can get the hardback copy for 8,93€ though (shipping just takes a bit longer)!

On Amazon*, the Kindle version is 15.70$ and the hardback version is 15.00$, which makes no sense so I don’t recommend that at all but since my Amazon affiliate account has the hilarious amount 0f .31 cents I figured I’d include it to see if I can get it to .42 cents. #goals

Also, #affiliatelinks – obviously.


Buzzfeed video of the Kylie Jenner Ramen and people trying it

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars – Seriously go watch and talk to me about it on Snapchat (selfhelphipster)

Star Boy – the Weeknd ft Daft Punk

Dirty Thirty! – Movie by Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart


Aarin Sorkin’s masterclass

Justice for Barb (Stranger Things)

See you for season 2!

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Signing off,

Andrew & Lianne

Written by SHH