Self Help Book Parade: …The Secret!!

Discovery of the book: Not going to lie, bought it a few months after it came out in 2006. I read it to death. It’s one of my most carried and most abused books ever. I haven’t read it in 2 years now, but I’ve read and reread it at least once every three to six months for a very long time.

Subject: According to the title some highly classified super-secret amazing trick that will give you everything you want. Oh wait, hang on. That’s just the Law of Attraction. Rhonda Byrne just wrapped it in a cool package and delivered it to the masses.

This is not a bad thing on its own, but I get a little peeved about it because Rhonda Byrne did not deliver some brand new secret thing, the information was already widely available, this just became a hype. Nevertheless, it’s good that it caught so many people’s attention, but the title is stupid. This is not new information, this is just a really smart marketing trick.

Anyway, now that I got that off my chest, the book includes a lot of explaining, a lot of quotes from people you’ve never heard from and a brief step by step plan how to put it into work.

Kookiness (1-10): If you can deal with me, you can probably deal with the book in terms of kookiness. However, do you know those American preachers on TV? All ‘hallelujah’ and ‘God bless America’? That’s how this book feels to me now. Mind you, it didn’t bother me when I first started reading and I hadn’t read a lot about the Law of Attraction at the time so I just soaked up all the information, but you gotta be able to deal with the American Preacher Factor of this book.

Quotes: Sorry, guys, I cant be arsed reading and remarking his book for the umpteenth time. You can find a big ass list here, though! I read them and I think they represent the book nicely, without too much of the American Preacher Factor thrown in.

You should buy this book…

First, I thought I wasn’t going to recommend this book but I actually am. I’ve picked it up again, browsed through it and despite the whole vibe of “I’m telling you a supernew thing” and “oh my god it’s AMAZING, donate now out of love for Baby Jesus!” I need to give more credit than I originally wanted to. It’s good reading material and even though I was familiar with the Law of Attraction before buying this book, it taught me a lot more.

So, buy this book if you want to learn basic things about the Law of Attraction. It covers most of the important stuff and what’s more, I don’t think it wouldn’t have been such a hype if it was shit writing*: it’s actually quite good in terms of content and style.

Who’s read it? What are your thoughts?

*Now, ‘the Power’ of the same writer, milking out the concept of what she’s done before: that is total shit. Don’t buy that book. I bought it because I thought it’d be good and have hate-tossed it away to never see it again. Coming from me, a woman who is known to read everything once and a hundred times over if she likes it, that is a big deal. 

Written by SHH