Self Help Book Parade: The Law of Attraction Book

I’m back, babies! Hope I didn’t give anyone any abandonment issues or anything. I have just had two really weird weeks but hey, weird weeks or not, I’m a hipster with a mission and I’m back with lots of self help stuff. Starting with a book review!

I know you guys are interested in books about the Law of Attraction that are a little better (and less American) than The Secret, and I’d like to share the best one I know thus far: the Law of Attraction by Michael Losier. The book is 10.99 on I checked out the author’s website and it’s a bit too ‘Subscribe-Here-Buy-This-Look! Here!’ for my taste, but he seems alright.

Discovery: I bought this when I bought The Secret in 2006. What can I say? I buy self help books in bulk.

Subject: The Law of Attraction, obviously. It is a very concise 136-paged simplistic read, explaining the Law of Attraction very clearly.

Cookiness Level (0-10): If you’re behind the whole Law of Attraction thing, a 0. The writer explains it like he’s your fourth-grade biology teacher: matter-of-factly, easy with lots of examples and reasoning. However, if you’re not convinced the Law of Attraction actually exist it might be a little harder to take, so maybe a 5.

Favorite Quotes:

  • The Law of Attraction may be defined as: “I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.
  • If you don’t like what you are getting, then it is time to tap into the Law of Attraction more deliberately so you can stop attracting what you don’t want and start attracting what you do.
  • To raise (increase) your vibration simply means to give your desire more positive attention, energy and focus.
  • Imagine that you have a bubble that is surrounding you and captured within this bubble are all the vibrations you’re sending out.
  • Keeping a diary or a book of proof on the Law of Attraction in your life will help you believe it more, get excited more, allow more and trust it more.

Self Help Hipster Stamp of Approval: Absolutely. If you are going to do research about the Law of Attraction, this book would be the first thing I’d point you to. Basic, clear explanations, easy to follow, examples (but not too many and not too Amen-Praise-The-Lord), as well as a whole array of techniques you can use to manifest, type of things to do to prevent pitfalls as well as learning yourself to allow and create. The writing is very easy so if you want a nice, short easy book with loads of information about manifesting, this is a very safe choice. As mentioned before, it is very easy though so  you might even find the writing style a bit boring. However, considering the buckload of information it contains, it’s still a good deal.

You should buy this book if…

  • you want to look further than The Secret
  • you want to read about practical ways to implement the Law of Attraction.
  • you like worksheets: it has worksheets!
Written by SHH