Random Time, Two Random Goals.

You can set goals on meaningful moments. Like New Year’s Eve or your birthday, the start of a new week or a sparkling new month: Those times when you’re on the brink of something new, the future seems wide open. You feel like you can have a clean slate and a fresh start. It’s always good to write down goals, dreams and wishes for that upcoming time that’s still for the taking; it helps you charge more confidently towards those things.

But you don’t have to wait for those moments. You can decide on goals to set yourself pretty much at any moment. Random Sunday afternoons, dreary Wednesdays, slow days at work. Or you know, watching the first episode of Sherlock Season2 and you are just not really following what’s happening on screen but at least Benedict Cumberbatch is really attractive. For example.

For me it’s not so much about a clean slate. This is super random, with no fresh start of any kind in sight. It’s fucking Wednesday evening, I am in the middle of a psychology course I am teaching, I am already two weeks in my yoga studio subscription, and March is already almost a week old by now. It’s more an attempt to scrub my slate clean by paying more attention to what I want.

I do some things just fine on default, but there is nothing like clearly defined written goals to keep me going in the right direction. Because so help me baby Jesus, Duran Duran, and Steven Spielberg, I am getting out of this fucking rut.

Anywho, these are things without deadline or without achievement attached, because that is not what this is about. These are just things I want to continuously do. Because I feel they can help me feel better and get my normal act together.

1. Clean up my diet. I eat alright most of the day, but caffeine and refined sugar have crept right back in as a staple of my diet. And when I am busy or stressed, I grab easy snacks, eat more processed stuff or forget to eat entirely, resulting in being superhungry and eating something weird at home straight from the fridge.

Also, despite eating more vegan food, I haven’t kept a vegetarian diet the past six months. Long story short, I started craving meet really badly during the summer. After some debate, I had some. Very strong, but I did like it. Since them I have (organic) meat every once in a while. I am not experiencing any health issues from it (yet), but although I was okay with it in the beginning, it doesn’t sit entirely well with me morally. I mean, it’s still animal. I don’t mind being labelless about what I am eating, but I don’t like not knowing whether I want to convert or revert. At least for now, I am reverting back to vegetarianism.

I am also going back to 80% alkaline, mostly raw food and 20% treats (quite possibly that latte, your honor). Upping the green juice, green smoothies and healthy snacks* in between.

2. Train my brain. Laugh at me if you want, but I am very paranoid about becoming stupid.

I am convinced you need to keep developing skills and stimulate your brain if you want to continue to keep the same cognitive capacity. If you don’t use it, you lose it. One sure way to lose your wits is by passive relaxation (or at least too much of it) and complacency. I do not want to lose any academic edge or trained ability that I have achieved over the course of my education. In order to keep that from happening, I gotta up my brain-training game which has been virtually non-existant for quite a while.

As my huge pop culture knowledge and super short attention span prove, I have been watching way too many television shows as well as firing a million impulses per hour at my brain through the Internet. That’s not what I want to do to my head.

Instead, I want to write and read for relaxation like I used to. Instead of watching television shows (for the umpteenth time) I want to use music as background noise when I am doing random household chores, and preferably sing again. I want to hoop, run and do yoga for fun instead of refresh Twitter, Facebook and Gmail. I want to learn how to do epic brain teasers, make cryptic crossword puzzles( in English, I can do Dutch) and do superhard Sudokus**. I want to read scientific literature and classic novels. Honestly. What is the point of working at a university if you don’t exploit use their resources? What is the point of having a personal library to die for*** if you’re not going to read what is in it?

So basically, I want to take better care of my brain, by choosing better things to do than overstimulating it with television and Internet. Now if only Mindfeud wasn’t so damn addictive that’d be grand.

And there you have it. A relatively upbeat non-whiny post about my goals. In a nutshell: Food for health and food for thought. Should be doable!

Now, tell me about you? What are your goals/priorities at the moment? Kisses!

*That’s totally my downfall. Once I’ve had my healthy foods and crave something sweet/salty during the afternoon, I just grab something that looks good. 

**I know, I know: 2008 called and wanted its trend back, but I just fucking love Sudokus. 

***Some people have shoe collections. I have books. 

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  1. Toevallig ben ik met hetzelfde bezig! Suiker is de eerste week lastig om van af te kicken.. Maar uiteindelijk smaakt het fruit veel zoeter. En ik heb ook net een stapel klassiekers aangeschaft om de komende tijd te gaan lezen. Ulysses, here I come. Als je verder nog goede brain train tips hebt zijn die welkom!

  2. I’m on a “learn something new every day” diet – but so far that mostly means a lot of online courses (thus more screen-staring, laptop-carrying). Somehow, I only manage to read during flights, not on a daily basis (and I regret) – and I have a ton of ebooks on my desktop waiting to be read and then filed…

  3. My goal/priority right now is to work on forgiveness.

    I am the world champion in the category : ” I will hate you forever and ever ! ” and have an evil-people-list in a corner of my mind.

    As I’ve been holding a grudge against my boyfriend for…well…far too long, I guess it is high time that I worked on myself. He’s a sweet guy after all and deserve a real chance 🙂

  4. Books, books, books <3 I love me some books. It's one of the things I'm going to miss the most. I now have my own ridiculously large collection of books ánd my parents' Little Library within hand's reach. I've contemplated shipping all of it in a sea container, but that shit's expensive. I guess I'll just have to get my hands on some new books <3

    Oh, and whoever even so much as tries to diss Sudoku's, can expect to be bitch slapped. They're fun.

  5. Sounds like really great goals.. I am trying to eat clean as much as possible, but I am not feeling great last couple of days. Too much stress I guess. Just not feeling well about everything. My goal therefore is to take time to exercise, which is hard with an ancle injury. Havent done much exercising which makes me feel awful (like feeling enormous and fat, really stupid I know).
    And I should stimulate myself more to learn something new as well. But Again thats hard when you feel everything is just too much..

  6. Dat tweede punt komt me heel bekend voor. Ik heb jarenlang thuisgezeten en ik functioneerde echt niet meer wat dat betreft. En dat vond ik echt heel vervelend, aangezien ik een (groot) deel van mijn identiteit aan mijn intelligentie had opgehangen. Hoewel IQ tests nog steeds zeggen dat ik een slim meisje ben, voel ik me elke dag een beetje dommer worden. De opleiding op mbo niveau helpt daar ook niet bij. Soms is dit een van de belangrijkste redenen om niet meer ziek te willen zijn zodat ik gewoon onderwijs kan volgen op mijn niveau.

  7. Goed zo! Focus levert je altijd iets op, misschien niet topprestaties maar het is altijd beter dan niks doen. Kijk ook vooral naar wat je wel bereikt met deze dingen ipv te focussen op hoeveel je nog zou moeten doen. En bij deze als boekentip: ons feilbare brein van Daniel Kahneman.
    Voor mij staat mijn lichaam al een hele tijd op #1 met stipt op #1 prioriteit 8 uur slaap per dag en 1 dag per week waarbij ik letterlijk niet van de bank af komt en alleen maar series kijk. Deze twee dingen geven me wilskracht en energie om prio #2 clean eating (geen brood, pasta, rijst of suiker) en #3 voldoende bewegen (aka die hard work out video’s van blogilates.com) te doen. De rest van mijn prio’s is afhankelijk van deze 3. Mis ik er 1 van of doe ik er te weinig aan lijdt daar alles onder en kan ik de oorzaak direct herleiden. Op het moment dat ik dus de bocht dreig uit te vliegen gaan we dus gewoon terug naar start met prio #1: 8 uur slaap en 1 niks doe dag per week. Dan komt de rest ook weer :).