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Anne Walraven is only 26 and is trying to formulate an answer to the question “How does the world work (and what can I do to help it)?” It’s a question that directly flows from the global questions that are now so pressing! What can we as the next generation, do to combat the climate changes, survive the economical crisis and cope with the depletion of our energy sources? What can we do?

I personally find it hard to figure out. Sure, our household runs ongreen gas and energy, we recycle paper and plastic and of course, a share of my groceries is organic. But not everything. And sometimes I accidentally leave the light in the hallway on all night. So am I really helping? Or should I do more, or even on a global scale for it to really have effect?

As Anne says so herself, the people of this generation know that they are going to be the ones who will have to deal with all the changes that are happening right now. But very often they are lost; they can’t really figure out where to start and how to make those positive changes our world so desperately needs.

She herself is trying to do this by interviewing fifteen role models of different generations. The list is a dazzling array of people who who have all made some type of impact in terms of environment. Anne has already spoken to Jane Goodall, Paul Gilding and Louise Fresco and there are environmental activists, journalists and even a shaman on the To-Interview Calender. All these interviews are going to be combined into the book she is writing, hoping to answer the question of how the world currently works and how we have to move from there.

Her website for the FutureFuel project is a very impressive overview of her journey, the people she’s spoken to and how everything has made her think. What I love about the website is that it bombards you with knowledge about the current world but you can also watch a video of her happily contradancing in the USA (she was there for an interview with Bill McKibben) and a 13-minute clip where she sits in nature and reflects on her journey.

I’m very impressed with her. She clearly has defined her purpose and let’s be honest: It’s not an easy one. Yet she’s undertaking it anyway and trying to make a positive impact on the world. I love it.

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  1. Dit soort dingen vind ik ook altijd interessant! Waar zijn we op dit moment allemaal mee bezig en hoe kunnen we dit beter doen? En dan natuurlijk niet alleen in de zin van effectiever, maar ook zeker groener….altijd inspirerend!