Law of Attraction: The ‘You’ Radio.

Now, while you’re off trying to be happy, let’s take a closer look to the Universe and how you’re the radio channel that he’s listening to. The Universe responds to what you say, do, think and feel. Empathis on feel, because it is the most important thing in the list. That’s why I’m hounding you […]

Law of Attraction: Easy first step.

If you think I’m going to give you some supercomplicated formulas and homework next, you’re going to be disappointed — shit like that won’t start in two months or so. Kidding (kind of)! But there is one thing you can do. If you want to get on the right track with the Law of Attraction, with […]

The Law of Attraction: Cooky, but be curious!

So far, so good, right? I have given you the three main premisses, that were pretty sensible. Now, here’s the fourth premise:  Now this is where it gets tricky, because it gets a little cooky. From hereonout the Law of Attraction becomes a matter of belief. And that’s the part I can’t really help you with. […]

The Secret For Suckers: Role Universe in the Law of Attraction.

You’re probably thinking right now: “Gee, thanks for the psychology of the Law of Attraction… but when can I start attracting things?! Because I want a Matthew McConoughey, a Louis Vuitton purse and a rock-hard abs. Like, right now.” Well, um, okay. First of all, that’s not going to happen. We’re not ripping holes in […]

Law of Attraction: behavioral approach.

This is going to be very simple, and radical. …To yourself By doing the things that you do, you keep sending messages about yourself into your system. Are you running three times a week? Awesome, you must be a runner/not a couch patato. Are you pleasant to other people? Super, you must be nice. Do […]

Law of Attraction: the emotional approach.

As can be derived from the previous idea of “like attracts like” and the cognitive idea of the Law of Attraction, the same ‘attracting’ takes place with your emotions. The emotions you have now, attract more similar emotions, or something to make the feeling more intense. That’s why when you wake up feeling cranky, you […]

The Law of Attraction: the cognitive approach.

To me -now- the Law of Attraction is a very intuitive thing. It makes sense to me to a certain extent, that even without truly knowing why, I know it’s the most basic of ideas. I trust some of its logic. I have both accidentally and purposefully put it to use many times throughout my […]

Hi! (Birth of!)

Hello, & welcome! I hope my face didn’t scare you there! Welcome to my new website, the Self Help Hipster.Com. This is the place where you can go whenever you want to find anything related to self help: from the Law of Attraction to time management; from healthy lifestyle to relationship pick-me-ups, from reasonably straight forward […]

Dealing With Perfectionism: Let it Go.

You don’t need to become perfect. You don’t need to tackle all your goals and dreams with the “it has to be perfect” attitude. Perfectionism only gets in the way. Perfectionism sucks. The goal is not to become a perfect human (you’d only freak everyone the fuck out anyway.) The goal is (or should be) […]

How to: reading self help books

Reading a self help book is a little tricky. Either you try to apply everything you read all at once, causing a mental (or physical!) breakdown and fetal position rocking, or you read it all…and never do anything with it. Both result in no tangible improvement whatsoever. Clearly, neither are suited for the young enthusiast […]